Background Check Repair is an non-profit organization devoted to making background check and criminal record resources available to everyone, while educating on all topics surrounding public records.

When you are looking for a job or housing, a background check is often used. These reports can often contain incorrect information and have a huge negative impact on peoples’ lives.

Through helpful resources and guidance, anyone can fix their background check, remove criminal records, and learn how to search official public records.

Background Check Repair Team

Our leadership consists of passionate, dedicated leaders devoted to making a positive impact in the lives of others through providing background check resources.

Headshot photo of Nick Bennet, Background Check Repair and Criminal Records Founder

Nick Bennet


Motivated to champion the values of transparency and equality in the background check and criminal records industry, Nick founded Background Check Repair to become one of the leading non-profit groups providing background screening resources for both individuals and organizations alike.

Headshot photo of Tanya Williams, Background Check Repair and Criminal Records Director of Relations

Tanya Williams

Director of Relations

Tanya has over a decade of experience handling relations for non-profits focused on fostering equality and fighting for social issues. Fostering a passionate organization filled with even more passionate people is what Tanya does best. Focused on relations, internal team development, and developing Background Check Repair’s public offerings allows Tanya to make a deep impact towards the organization's mission.

Headshot photo of Denise Brinley, Background Check Repair and Criminal Records Development Officer

Denise Brinley

Development Officer

Denise joined the Background Check Repair team to help lead strategy and organizational development. She contributes energy, experience, and intelligence towards furthering the organization’s mission to provide background check resources for all, regardless of gender or race.

Headshot photo of Alexis Alexander, Background Check Repair Director of Expansion

Alexis Alexander

Director of Expansion

Alexis remains an integral part of daily operations and spearheads the growth and availability of Background Check Repair’s offerings. With an educational background in criminal justice and prior experience within the greater background screening industry, she upholds the quality of the organization’s products while serving as a trusted adviser for the C-suite.

Headshot photo of Geffrey Merlin, Background Check Repair and Criminal Records Technology Officer

Geffrey Merlin

Technology Officer

With more than ten years of experience developing technology and applications for non-profits and charities around the world, Geffrey maintains the backbone of not just Background Check Repair’s technological offerings, but internal applications and public servers currently providing background check resources to thousands of people every single day.

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