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Background Check Repair was launched to provide important information on background checks, criminal background checks and criminal records, employment background checks, and public records. Our goal is to provide resources for anyone to understand their background report, with helpful tools and free resources that educate and empower people to take control of their background search.

Background checks can have a big impact on your life, and even keep you from getting a job unfairly when your public records are incorrect.

How to Fix Your Background Check

When you apply for a job or go through a major life event like buying a house, your background check is often used by employers or lenders. But doing a “real” check into your life and background takes a lot of money–more money than most are willing to spend. So instead they often use one of the cheaper options that aren’t technically supposed to be used for that purpose.

And these cheap options are on websites filled with all kinds of inaccurate data and mismatched records. For example, someone that has your name with a criminal background can make it look like you have a criminal record. This happens because the websites just want to display as much info as possible.

The end result?

You don’t end up getting the job.

But the good news is your background check can be fixed by following a few quick steps. 

Fix your background check today with our complete guide.

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