Employment Background Checks and Criminal Records

Background Check Repair is a non-profit organization launched to provide important information on transparency in background checks, criminal background checks and criminal records, employment background checks, and public records.

We provide resources for anyone to understand their background report, with helpful tools and free resources that educate and empower people to take control of their background check and criminal records report.

Background checks can have a big impact on life, especially for those discriminated against unlawfully, or victims of incorrect, outdated, or missing records.

Fighting Discrimination: Background Checks & Criminal Records

When applying for a job or going through a major life event like buying a house, a background check is often used by employers or lenders.

But doing a comprehensive check of someone’s life, employment history, education, and background can require a significant amount of time and money.

As a result, many use free background checks instead when they aren’t legally allowed to be used for professional purposes.

Making matters worse, it is not uncommon for free or cheap options to include background reports filled with inaccurate data and mismatched records.

For example, a single criminal record may appear for two or more people with the same name. This happens when background check companies simply want to display as much information as possible.

In the end, this results in harmful discrimination when records are used unethicality and unlawfully.

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