Doordash Background Check: 4 Common Problems (Trick To Pass Easy)

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Background Checks | May 22, 2024

Many in yellow shirt reaching a magnifying glass out to his left with an orange vehicle with the words doordash on the door and a carrying container strapped to the roof filled with food, behind him on a computer screen there is a doordash background check.

Free DoorDash Background Pre-Check
Free DoorDash background pre-check searches all public and criminal records and shows which records need to be corrected as soon as possible to turn status approved.

A DoorDash background check examines a person’s past to see if any red flags about their prior criminal record or driving history disqualify them from a position with the company.

Every applicant is subjected to a background check by DoorDash, but over the past few years, four common problems with the process have emerged. But, when applicants know the answers to these issues, and they know one simple trick to pass the DoorDash background check easily, the process is a snap.

The simple trick to pass? Know how to run a background check on yourself to examine driving records and criminal history.There are two ways:

#1. Simply contact the state Department of Motor Vehicles and State Police Department and fill out the forms to obtain a personal criminal history report and driving report (and pay the fees for processing). 


#2. Reach out to a trusted agency and sign up for membership under a 7 day free trial background check option. the report will deliver the records needed, so Doordash applicants can see exactly what they need to fix on their background check before applying.

The four common problems are:

  1. Not checking criminal history before applying
  2. Not knowing what will disqualify an applicant
  3. Not knowing the status codes of the background check and what they mean
  4. Not understanding what the screening will look for

Since checking your criminal record is the first step, this guide provides all the additional information about Doordash background check codes and disqualifiers, as well as everything needed to clear the screening process and remove arrest records from background checks so you can pass easy. 

What Does DoorDash Look for in a Background Check?

According to the company, it follows all relevant government rules and regulations. During the check, the individuals should be forthright, honest, and know what can disqualify them. They should also know what is required of them to save on money and time.1

The vetting technique checks the local and federal criminal records4 systems to see if one has been convicted of significant crimes in the past. They also check the name of the individual in the National Sex-Offender Registry.

Even if the individual no longer resides in the state or county where the adverse action occurred, it will appear on the check. The check also searches through the motor vehicle records registry for infractions as well as DUI convictions.2

It also reviews the following items:

  • Tickets for speeding
  • Tickets issued at stoplights
  • Violations of the driving laws connected to drugs
  • Accidents
  • Driving without insurance

Doordash, like Uber and Lyft, conducts continual checks of all operational Dashers to ensure the app’s safety, reliability, and integrity. If an individual no longer matches the eligibility conditions, Doordash may delete them.

Dashers from California and Massachusetts are the only ones who are simply screened once when they sign up.

Why Is My DoorDash Background Check Taking So Long? Understanding Status Codes

Don’t be alarmed if the application is added to the DoorDash waiting list. This is typical, and it merely implies that DoorDash is not presently taking new operators in that region, or the candidacy requires additional time to be approved.

To get the quickest possible service, fill out the DoorDash application completely and accurately. Be forthright and honest in the application form to pass the check.2

Here’s a table containing all the Doordash background check status codes and what they mean.

Status CodeMeaning
CompleteThe background check begins with this phase. After the first screening, Checkr generates a list of locations to search for criminal histories.
PendingIt means the background check is nearly complete
ClearIt means the person is approved and can now use Doordash
ConsiderIt signifies that there are breaches in the report that do not fulfill the Doordash requirements.
DisputeIt shows an individual has found the background check report to be incorrect and taken a dispute with the background check agency
SuspendedIt means Checkr requires additional documents from the applicant
Invitation SentCheckr has sent the individual an invitation link but he/she is yet to respond
Invitation ExpiredCheckr has sent the applicant an invitation link, and they’ve yet to respond, but the link has expired

Why Is DoorDash Stuck on Background Check?

One may be terminated from the service if their record reveals an incident on their report that causes them not to qualify for DoorDash’s background check parameters. If this occurs, Doordash will notify individuals through email.2

DoorDash Complete Background Check Action Required

All United States Dasher candidates must be above the legal age and submit a genuine social security number to complete a criminal history check conducted by Checkr, Inc., a 3rd party background investigation service authorized by the Professional Background Screening Association.

Doordash Action Required Your Background Check Requires Attention

If the status of a Doordash background check shows “Attention required,” it signifies the report includes breaches that do not fulfill the Doordash requirements. For instance, if one has had more than three moving vehicle offenses in the last three years.

Doordash Background Check Not Working

Doordash may disconnect one from the service if their record reveals an occurrence on their report that causes them not to qualify DoorDash’s background check requirements. If this occurs, Doordash will notify individuals through email.

Doordash Background Check Taking Forever

One’s screening procedure might take anywhere from five to seven working days. The majority of drivers claim approval takes 5-10 days. Numerous reasons can make it take longer. For example, if someone lived and worked in multiple states or had many applications, it may take longer.2

Doordash Background Check Consider

The Consider status indicates that Checkr has completed the background investigation and that DoorDash must review the results. Most reviews are done within five working days.

Doordash Background Check Status

What does DoorDash background check status mean?

To conduct a background investigation, Checkr needs more information from customers. It implies Checkr has accepted a complaint. Notably, complaints can take up to a month to be resolved by Checkr. Suspended status implies they need more details to finish the background investigation.

Doordash Background Check Requirements

Working for the DoorDash service doesn’t necessitate extensive expertise, a master’s degree, or specialized equipment. The requirements to be a Dasher delivery person are relatively straightforward, and they include:

  • One should be at least 18 years old to participate.
  • A certified driver’s license is required.
  • For the Dasher App, the individual will need a smartphone
  • Possess a vehicle or a bicycle
  • A valid insurance policy with your name on the policy.
  • A social security number (for a background check )
  • Obtain a background investigation and a driving history check
  • Complete an online or in-person orientation.

Dashers are self-employed individuals.5 DoorDash also mandates all recruits, without exception, to undergo a background check. The results of the background checks are used to make all recruiting decisions for Dashers.

Doordash Background Check in Progress

The In Progress indication shows that Checkr is currently processing the background investigation and that DoorDash will review the findings. Most reviews are completed within five working days.

Doordash Background Check Pending

The pending status denotes that the examination is nearly complete. Checkr is awaiting the final bits of content that will determine whether the application is approved or denied.2

Doordash Background Check DUI: Will I Be Disqualified?

In a nutshell, whether or not a DUI conviction disqualifies you from Doordash depends on a number of factors.  Some individuals have been admitted into Doordash, yet have a recent DUI, but some have been turned down altogether.

Before someone can work on Doordash’s platform, they must pass a background check. Investigators look at their driving and criminal records throughout this background check.

Doordash can either accept or decline someone after the vetting process is done. They’ll also run background checks on the individual every year once they’ve been accepted to keep their account valid and eligible for delivery.

What Factors May Influence Doordash’s Decision?

Recognizing how Doordash screens drivers may assist one in determining their chances. The following conditions play a role in the decision:

1. The Last 7 Years

The background checks are limited to the last seven years and check for the following items, adding to every DUIs or DWIs:

  • Infractions in the roadways
  • Offenses involving sexuality
  • Felonies
  • Damage to property
  • Acts of violence
  • Theft
  • Suspended driver’s licenses in the past

Note that DUIs6 may be expunged from a person’s driving record sooner than seven years. This is dependent on the state in which you live.

According to testimonies from other Doordash carriers, the more current the DUI, the less likely the individual will be hired.

2. Major Felonies

If a person has any severe offenses,7 they are exempt from the 7-year limit. Note that Doordash has a responsibility to safeguard its image and its clients. Even though the crime happened so long ago, they may refuse one’s ability to work for them if they believe they pose a substantial risk to either.

3. Other Driving Issues

Essentially, the better an individual’s driving record, the higher their chances of being hired. Speeding fines, running red lights, and other infractions may not automatically disqualify someone, but they are possible.

To decide how considerable a person’s risk is, Doordash is inclined to look at the bigger picture. It’s less likely that they’ll be approved if they have a history of repeated infractions, especially if someone has a DUI on their record.

4. How You Plan To Deliver

Without a car, some folks prefer to Doordash (for instance, using a bike.) If a person isn’t delivering in a vehicle, Doordash may be more tolerant. This may be a viable option if the person has a DUI on their record.

Doordash Background Check Time

The majority of drivers claim that approval takes 5-10 days. However, numerous reasons can make it take longer. One’s screening procedure, according to Doordash, might take anywhere from five to seven working days or more.

Doordash Background Check Suspended

Why does it indicate that my background check has been temporarily halted? A report is usually paused since Checkr, or the organization the person applied has demanded information or evidence from the individual and has yet to get it.

Logging into the Candidate Portal is the best way to discover if Checkr requires any material or documents.

What’s Included in the Doordash Application?

Filling out an online application form is the first step in the DoorDash recruiting process. Each candidate must be at least 18 years old and have a clean driving record, as well as insurance and a legitimate driver’s license. Candidates must pass background investigations, have a smartphone, and have access to a vehicle.

DoorDash Background Check Components

Candidates agree to the company conducting background investigations on them during the hiring process. DoorDash asks the following questions to see if an applicant is a good driver:

  • Records of criminal activity
  • Records of driving

This is due to the company’s need to ensure that the candidate will be a safe and reliable driver.3

1. Criminal Records

DoorDash looks for names of applicants in the National Sex Offender Registry. A candidate is ineligible if their identity is revealed on the registry during the last seven years.

They also scan local criminal histories for the last seven years to see whether the person has a crime on their record. The following are examples of offenses that can invalidate an individual:

  • Theft
  • Damage to property
  • Felonies
  • Driving when inebriated
  • Crimes of violence
  • Sexual offenses

2. Driving Records

DoorDash will get a motor vehicle assessment if the person specifies that they will work using a vehicle. A perfect driving record is required. The following are some flaws in the driving history that may exclude a person:

  • Driving when inebriated
  • At least four infractions of the moving laws
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol offenses.

The background check on DoorDash is ongoing. As a result, if an individual qualifies for the first round but later obtains a disqualifying record on their driving or criminal record,8 the person may be disqualified.3

How Long Does a Doordash Background Check Take?

Individuals should fill out their DoorDash application completely and accurately to get the quickest possible service. Instead of using shorter forms of their legal name, they should use their real legal names. Otherwise, they will be asking for a lengthier wait time for their application to be approved.

They should receive a response between 3-10 working days in most cases. Every circumstance is unique. For instance, if one has many addresses in their history, it may take longer. Checkr must perform multiple county searches, adding to the time taken to import the data. The criminal background check can take longer depending on where someone wishes to work as a DoorDash driver.3

Whenever it comes to background screenings, different jurisdictions operate at different paces. The process slows if one has a few entries in their criminal background. The DMV examination takes an additional time, depending on the person’s state. Certain states complete their motor vehicle registry inspections quickly, whereas others take more than a week.

If a person believes their criminal record isn’t free of any infractions that could lead to their application being denied, they should begin the application procedure right away. This guide outlines all the necessary information one needs regarding DoorDash background check processes and how they can be accepted when they apply.

Frequently Asked Questions About DoorDash Background Check

What Does DoorDash Look for in a Background Check?

DoorDash looks for details of applicants in the National Sex Offender Registry. They also scan local criminal histories for the last seven years to see whether the individual has a crime on their record. An individual is rejected if their name shows on the registry over the previous seven years.

Why Is My DoorDash Stuck on Background Check?

The following are three main reasons why the background check may take longer to finish: Checkr is waiting for them to provide some information. They ought to have received a notification from Checkr if that’s the case. The county court(s) data being sought is taking longer than usual to arrive.

How Long Does DoorDash Background Check Take?

It takes between 5-7 working days, occasionally longer. Majority of the drivers denote that it takes between 5-10 days to be accepted into Doordash.3

Why Is DoorDash Background Check Action Required?

Depending on the situation, sometimes the background check platform will say “action required,” in that case, reach out on the platform to discover exactly what is needed to complete the process.

How Far Does Background Check DoorDash Go?

The background check for doordash generally examines the last seven years.


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