7 Day Free Trial Background Check Guide (Search Records Free Now)

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Background Checks | May 10, 2024

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7 Day Free Trial Background Check
Free trial background check lasts for 7 days and allows you to search unlimited records for 1 full week.

Many companies and websites advertise a free background check or a 7-day free trial background check.

But, is it really possible to get a background check without a credit card?

While the answer is technically yes, it helps to know what exactly is being ‘paid for.’

Most “all free” background check sites provide only a limited amount of information (like name and part of an address), however, others only require minimal payment up front to perform the background check services or offer a legitimate membership trial that can be canceled after a background check is conducted.

As always, it’s important to read the fine print, because most of these people’s lookup tools charge a minimum amount for a single report, even if the membership is canceled after the report is run.

Luckily, there are legitimately free 7-day trial background checks–you just have to know where to look (which is why our team of experts has compiled this list).

Because not all these companies are created equal and many try to trap you into at least a small fee…the key is finding the best 7-day free trial background check with the least amount of hassle or red tape.

Are Free Trial Background Checks Really Free?

In general, most free trial background checks are not free, but the ‘free’ claim can be used. Many companies offer heavily discounted trial periods in order to make searches more affordable, but any company that claims to provide a complete background check service without a credit card often provides inaccurate results.

Typically, users create a membership and secure it with a credit card during the trial period. But, make sure to read the fine print. If the user cancels the membership within the free trial time period, double-check to make sure that there are no cancellation fees.

How to get a truly 7-day free trial background check: ask for a refund within 24 hours. Most background search companies have policies that allow this even after a report has been pulled.

Keep in mind that the cost of a background check will vary by state if an official records request is submitted.

Reviewing the Best 7-Day Free Trial Background Check Sites

There are a ton of different websites and companies that offer background check services of various kinds. Each one has a slightly different niche, so what might be the best one overall, might not be the best for everyone.

Some of these are broader, covering all the basic aspects of a background check, whereas some others will offer specific checks of things like social media, or reverse address and free phone lookups.

Keep in mind that if the company claims to provide background checks at no charge, they usually can not gather everything that other background check services may provide. In general, these sorts of companies only report information that is publicly available. So, things like credit scores would not be available.

Some background check services do offer comprehensive services that include confidential information, but the written consent of the individual being searched must be acquired to complete the search, which makes it impossible to conduct without permission. Even if the social security number of the individual is known, it is illegal to conduct a search without their consent. This of course does not apply when doing a background check on yourself or performing one on your boyfriend or girlfriend for personal reasons.

In general, most background check websites will fall into one of three categories.

Graphic showing categories of background check sites including $1 trial background check sites, and free trial background reports, and various 7-day free trial background check options for basic searches and social media background checks.

Category 1: Websites That Offer the Basic Checks, Such As:

  • Contact Info
  • Criminal History
  • Education History

Category 2: Websites That Offer More Niche Checks Such As:

  • Reverse Phone Calls
  • Online presence
  • Social Media Profiles

Category 3: Websites That Do It All.

All the following websites fall into the final category, offering services that return every possible piece of information that can be gathered using online databases. Unfortunately, there are not currently any services that offer a 7-day free trial background check.

Screenshot of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission outlines very specific rules and guidelines for free background check services.

Keep in mind that all of the services listed below can not be used for employment background checks and are only for personal use.



Intelius1 is one of the more well-known options for an online background check. The company advertises low prices and the option to run a ton of different kinds of checks, such as:

  • Contact Information
  • Addresses
  • Criminal Records
  • Phone Numbers
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Photos
  • Assets

In terms of possible checks that the website can perform, Intelius is one of the most thorough.

Intelius offers all of the above services and even a few more like various permits and licenses such as firearms permits or pharmaceutical licenses.


Although the service is fairly thorough, it does come at a price. Intelius currently only offers a monthly membership that is $24.86 for one month. There are varying discounts if the individual chooses to commit to multiple months, bringing the cost per month down as low as $21.

There is currently no free trial option for Intelius, however, there is an option to get a 5-day trial for $1.99. However, after the 5-day period is over the user will automatically be enrolled at a price of $29.63 per month.

Although it’s not quite a 7-day free trial background check, the $1.99 does make for an affordable option.

How To Use

Intelius’ service is incredibly easy to use and searches are performed in as little as 5 minutes. Searches can be performed via:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address

Simply enter the information of the individual being searched and the search will begin. The website will ask several more questions during the search to help narrow down the individual. Examples of possible questions that Inteluis may ask are listed below.

  • Has Person ever lived in the City?
  • Is Person related to Person?
  • Is a Person over 30 years old?

There are other similar questions that may be asked, but they are all basic and used to narrow down individuals who share the same name. There is also an option of “I don’t know,” so not knowing the answer to each question shouldn’t impact search results too severely.

Once the first part of the search is complete, a list of individuals will be provided and the user simply selects the correct one. The list is usually individuals of the same name, with additional information such as age, location, and possible relatives provided to ensure the correct person is being searched.

With the proper individual selected, Intelius runs its final search. This is where all the advertised information that is listed above, as well as any additional information that can be found, such as if the individual has a website, job information, and even certain financial information, is compiled into a report.

Summary & Verdict

At first glance, it’s easy to see why Intelius is so popular. The amount of information provided is impressive and the search is conducted very quickly with minimal information required to conduct a search.

However, there are two major problems with the service: Price and Accuracy

The pricing of Intelius can be very confusing and unfortunately, the pricing model itself lacks transparency. Users visiting the website for the first time and typing a name into the search bar on the home screen will likely end up with four different pricing options over the next 15 minutes. One price to see the results of the search that was just completed, one price to sign up without conducting a search, another price advertised as a pop-up, and then yet another price emailed to the individual.

The accuracy of the information is also an issue. The reason the company is able to return so much information is due to the fact that they run a name-based search into a ton of different databases. So, someone with the same name as the individual being searched is bound to sneak into the results.

This means that certain results can’t be fully trusted and that is why knowing the middle name is important.

Finally, some of the information seems to be outright missing, users who conduct a search on themselves may be surprised to find that information on their spouse or education may be missing entirely.

Intelius can return interesting information and does a good job with public record information such as criminal history and sex offender registries. However, most of this information can be found for free.

Intelius also seems intent on scaring users into paying for their service with many messages that imply the person being searched for may have an existing criminal record, may be on a sex offender registry, or may have explicit content online that the report will return.

Screenshot of the National Sex Offender registry website, with yellow arrow pointing to seach feature.

Anyone can search the National Sex Offender Registry for free, this background check step can be done without cost.

Intelius is best used for individuals who want to learn as much information as possible as quickly as possible, but it’s still important to independently verify much of the information.



Truthfinder2 is another background check organization that falls into the category of “Everything search.” The service is advertised as a people finder, rather than a background check tool. However, the services offered are almost identical to Intelius. Even the user interface is almost exactly the same.

Just like Intelius, TruthFinder offers a lengthy list of searches and information that can be returned when a search is completed. Everything from Amazon wishlists to traffic violations can supposedly be found on the service. TruthFinder advertises itself as being able to return tons of information on a person, casting a wide net, rather than specializing in one kind of check.


Similar to Intelius, Truth Finder uses a membership model pricing plan. Rather than a one-time payment background check service that includes individual searches, users are required to pay a monthly fee that allows them to perform as many searches as they would like. The cost is just under $30 for one month, with discounts for committing to several months.

This model has the same problem as the Intelius in that the average person won’t be performing more than a handful of checks, so they will be forced to pay for a service they likely won’t be using very much. Since the information gathered on TruthFinder can’t be used to screen employees or for credit checks, it can really only be used for personal reasons, so the cost is quite high for the way many people would use the service.

Truthfinder also offers a Phone Lookup plan for as little as $2, but they do not mention what is included with this plan and how many searches are included for the $2.

How To Use

Using TruthFinder is almost exactly the same as Intelius. On the home screen is a search bar where users can enter the name and city that an individual lives in. From here the search is conducted with several questions being asked throughout the search to help narrow the results.

Once the search is completed the user will be prompted to create an account and sign up for a membership to view the results.

Summary & Verdict

Truthfinder is a good option for those who don’t mind spending the $30 for a monthly membership and are intent on using a “shotgun approach,” to learn information on an individual. Most, if not all the information gathered will be accurate and it will be done very quickly, with a search being completed in less than 10 minutes.

However, there is a question of accuracy on some of the information as well as the issue of much of the information being returned is available for free from the original sources.

When compared to Intelius, the services TruthFinder offers are almost identical. There is very little difference between the two services when it comes to what is returned and how the search is performed. The cost is fairly standard for this type of service but the required membership with no way to get a free trial or pay for just a single search makes it far from perfect.

Also, while the search is being performed, there will be several on-screen prompts and boxes that must be checked that imply the person being searched is on a government watchlist or has potentially embarrassing content from social media profiles. This of course is most likely not the case and most of the information returned will be fairly mundane.

Instant Checkmate


Instant Checkmate3 is yet another background check website that falls into the “does it all,” category. Just like Intelius and TruthFinder, the website advertises a thorough search of billions of public records to return accurate information on an individual using just their name.

Intelius and TurthFinder offer only a “people search,” which includes all possible information, and a reverse phone lookup. However, Instant Checkmate has a few additional options for specific information:

  • Criminal Records
  • Inmate Search


Similar to the other websites listed above, information on the cost of the service is difficult to find. Membership plans and pricing information are not available until a search has been completed and payment is required to see the results. However, once users get this screen the pricing can still be confusing.

In general, the service costs just under $30 a month with discounts for 3-month memberships. There is currently no option to make a one-time payment to complete one search. Furthermore, there are lots of different promotions that are available randomly to users. These range from steep discounts on a monthly membership, to 5-day trials for $1, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no instant checkmate free trial

How To Use

Using the service is incredibly straightforward. Simply enter the requested information into the search bar on the website’s home page. From there, simply answer any of the pop-up questions and await results. To view the results, users must enter payment information and pay for a membership.

Summary & Verdict

Instant Checkmate will return a plethora of information on individuals in a matter of minutes. The interface is simple and easy to use and the information being returned will be mostly accurate. However, there is a possibility that the information returned will be incorrect so independently verifying any information is a must.

Federal trade Commission website screenshot, news story about free background check violations.

Data brokers are controlled by the Federal Trade Commission, designed to protect private information that is available in 7-day free trial background checks.

Instant Checkmate offers the EXACT same services as Truthfinder and the EXACT same services as Intelius. The interface is almost identical as well, with only the color scheme changing. This is because all three websites are owned by the same company and perform their searches in the exact same way. This means there is no discernable difference between the three websites and makes the pricing differences between the three even more confusing and frustrating.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Instant Checkmate was fined $525,000 by the FTC in 2014 for failing to follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Amongst the complaints is one that claims that Instant Checkmate misreported certain information, such as incorrectly claiming certain individuals were on a sex offender registry when they were not.


InfoTracer4 is another background check service that provides a large array of different checks using available public records. The typical information for this style of check can all be found here:

  • Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Social Accounts
  • Criminal Record information

The above list only scratches the surface of possible search results when entering the name of an individual. The most notable difference between InfoTracer and the above entries is that Infotracer advertises a free background check without paying. However, only the search is free, and results require a fee.


InfoTracer utilizes a simple and easy-to-use interface. The home page of the website advertises free searches with a large search bar. Searches can be made by entering any of the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • IP Address
  • VIN
  • License Plate Number

The last 3 search options set this website apart from others on the list.


InfoTracer advertises its searches as being completely free, and although the search itself is free, users must pay to view the results. After completing the search the website will prompt users to create an account and enter in payment information in order to view the results.

The cost to view the results of the search is $2.95. This small fee also allows users to make unlimited searches over the next 7 days as part of the website’s unlimited access search option. After the 7-day trial period is over, the payment on file will be charged a monthly fee of $24.95.

The $2.95, 7-day trial is the closest as any website will come to a 7-day free trial background check.

How To Use

InfoTracer might be the easiest service to use of its kind. Users can access the website and complete a search in less than 5 minutes.

Simply enter any of the requested information into the search bar on the website’s home page and the search will be completed. No further action is needed besides entering payment and creating an account to view the results of the search.

Summary & Verdict

InfoTracer offers much of the same information as other options on this list. Information is returned almost instantly and should be very accurate. The user interface of the website is clean and has lots of information regarding how they gather the information, what databases are used, and how the service works.

InfoTracer might be the easiest service to use of its kind. Users can access the website and complete a search in less than 5 minutes, which is far faster than other options on this list.

There is also far less clutter and pop-ups when compared to other websites. The fear tactics common for services of this kind are nowhere to be found with InfoTracer, resulting in a more trustworthy and professional feel to the entire website.

Although the website makes it seem like the service is free to use when it is not, it offers a very affordable trial option and the website is fairly transparent about the cost of their monthly membership.

InfoTracer offers the same service at a faster speed and lower prices when compared to the above entries. This alone makes it one of the best background check sites.



BeenVerified5 is a background check service that offers tons of results from a simple name-based search. The website offers its services to help find lost relatives or friends, as well as a way to find business contact information for individuals.


Similar to other services of this kind, the pricing model isn’t super clear. The website advertises that they frequently have specials for monthly memberships that help lower the price. However, this means there is no set price so the price users pay will depend on a variety of random factors.

In general, users can expect to pay less than $25 per month on the high end. When signing up for multiple months, the price per month can drop to as low as $16. Each membership is the same and includes the same features, such as unlimited searches.

How To Use

Using BeenVerified is just as easy as using any of the other services on this list. Simply enter the requested information into the search bar on the website’s homepage. Optional questions will pop up while the search is being conducted such as the location and age of the person benign searched but are not required to complete the search.

Summary & Verdict

BeenVerified is another example of the “Shotgun Approach,” whereby entering in some basic information such as a name, the website will return every possible result including that individual. This of course results in a lot of information that isn’t super useful but may be in certain situations. As with any website that performs a search based on a name, there is the possibility that some of the results will be incorrect.

BeenVerified does not stand out in a particular way and does not advertise any particular specialty. The interface is simple and easy to use and results are available extremely quickly. When it comes to pricing, BeenVerified is slightly lower than many on this list but does not offer any kind of free or discounted trial period.


Compared to some of the other entries on the list, many may find the user interface of US Search6 slightly more appealing and professional looking. Unlike most websites of its kind, it does not feature a search bar on the home page and instead opts for endorsements from major news outlets.

US Search does offer the same services as most, with a ton of information returned using just a name-based search.


US Search doesn’t advertise their pricing anywhere on their website and information about the cost of the service only becomes available once a search has been completed.

Unlike most similar services, US Search has multiple options when it comes to payment. A single basic search that will return basic contact information and little else can be had for less than $3. There are other options for varying amounts of searches per month and with different amounts of information included as well. However, even the most expensive option that allows users to make unlimited searches that include all available information is less than $20 per month.

How To Use

From the home page of the website, simply select “Get started.’ From there, follow the onscreen prompts, entering any requested information such as the name, address, or phone number based on the kind of search that users wish to perform.

Once the search is completed, payment is required to view the results.

Summary & Verdict

US Search is nothing special in terms of features but it does seem to be on the same level as many of the other options. The fact that it does offer an ultra-cheap option to perform a single search will be enticing to many, as it still returns useful information to help track down a relative or old friend.



PeopleLooker7 is yet another background check company that strives to provide as much information as quickly as possible. The main way that PeopleLooker is able to set itself apart is through a more affordable pricing model compared to its competitors.


PeopleLooker offers the same services as most of its competitors. However, they do offer more affordable monthly pricing. With a single month starting at right around $18, and discounts down to $14 when signing up for a 3-month membership. There is no option to run a single search, something that the majority of users will likely be doing.

How To Use

PeopleLooker uses the familiar format of putting the search function front and center of the website’s homepage, making it easy and fast to perform a search. Simply enter the name, address, or phone number of the person being searched for and PeopleLooker will perform the search. As usual, payment is required to view the results of the search.

Summary & Verdict

With so many services offering the exact same search options and returning the same information, the pricing of PeopleLooker truly does stand out. There is no drop in quality in terms of the search, how fast the search is performed, or the usability of the website. Individuals who will be performing numerous searches might want to look extra closely at PeopleLooker for their background check needs.

Although there are a lot of factors to consider, PeopleLooker might be the best background check site overall.


Verispy8 advertises that their service can uncover a ton of different records, with an emphasis more on official records such as criminal history and sex offender registry opposed to personal records like social media profiles. In general, Verispy advertises fewer types of searches compared to the other background check services.


The cost of a 1-month membership that allows for full results and unlimited searches is 19.95. Although not the cheapest option, Verispy does offer a 7-day trial for $4.95. As expected, after the 7-day trial the user will be auto-enrolled in a monthly membership for $19.95 until the user cancels their membership.

How To Use

Using Verispy is as easy as any other service. Simply enter the information on the home page, such as the first and last name of the person being searched and results will be available within a few minutes.

Summary & Verdict

Verispy seems to be one of the more stripped-down services, offering fewer results than many of its competitors. Despite this, the cost of the service is still just as expensive if not more expensive than other services.

Furthermore, when performing a search, only the state of residence can be used to narrow down the search, as opposed to other services which allow users to enter in a city to help narrow results. This results in a potentially long page of results of people with the same name. With only limited info available for each person, makes it somewhat difficult to find people with more common names.

Net Detective


Net Detective9 is one of the lesser-known options for online background check services and users that access it will likely see why quickly. There is a general lack of information available on the website, with a large search bar at the center of the homepage and a few generic testimonials if users scroll down further.

The website advertises divorce records, birth records, and criminal records can all be found using their database, however, it is worth mentioning that these searches can be done completely free (or for a small processing fee) through legitimate state and federal databases.


Net Detective only offers a single pricing plan for a whopping 3 years at a one-time price of $30. Although this price may seem cheap, keep in mind that many of the results require small additional fees to be viewed.

How to Use

Simply enter the requested information on the search bar on the website’s home page. There are only options for Phone Number, Names, and Email Address. Results will be available immediately.

Summary & Verdict

Net Detective has some of the worst reviews and it’s easy to see why. The website does not give confidence to the user that the results are even legitimate and any information offered on the website feels intentionally vague. The lack of ability to narrow search results is also a problem, as many names will simply not yield a single result.

Search for Background Check Services Without Paying (7-Day Free Trial Background Check That Is Actually Free)

For those hoping to get background check services completely free, unfortunately, there are very few legitimate and comprehensive services that are completely free. Many may offer a 7-day free trial background check but require at least a small fee to get a limited trial.

It’s important to understand why this happens: it is because any legitimate search is conducted through government agencies and official state websites. These government sites require small service fees–just like when you go to the DMV to renew your license or request a copy of your birth certificate from a local county courthouse.

Even worse, some free options will include “generated” results that aren’t actually accurate just to have a bigger database of results. This can end up leading you down the wrong path completely.

For those who are looking for free services, there are options available when it comes to doing the search yourself. In fact, many records are publicly accessible and require no fee at all to view.

Even those that require a fee will be very affordable and the money will be going directly to the government agency that is providing the information. This way, individuals can at least rest easy, knowing they will actually receive the information they are paying for, rather than paying in the hopes of finding out something useful.

DIY Free Background Check Without Paying

There are tons of state and federal government services that can be used to check basic criminal information on individuals, such as sex offender registry, and criminal history information. 

Screenshot of FBI criminal justice information services (CJIS) overview and mission.

The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) controlled by the FBI houses national criminal records and rap sheets available to search by law enforcement, employers, and the general public.

The best way to search this information is through either the local courts or local police departments, where the person resides. There are also options to check federal databases and use the PACER platform to search federal criminal records for free.

Most of these searches can be done for free (or for a small processing fee), thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, and they should be available everywhere in the United States in some form.

The best thing to do is visit the website of the local police department or criminal court and look for record-keeping services. From there, individuals can find out more information as to what records are available and how they can be accessed.

It’s important to keep in mind that every jurisdiction keeps its records in a slightly different way. Some pay have totally searchable online databases that can be used for free, such as California, whereas others may require individuals to contact the court clerk directly to obtain a physical copy of someone’s record.

Free Sex Offender Registry Lookup

All states and the federal government allow people to search sex offender registries for free, using a name. This is a completely free search of criminal records.

Likewise, the National Bureau of Prisons offers a free inmate lookup tool that can be searched for free, as do almost all states. The process for finding arrested persons can be found by searching the state criminal justice website and following the links available.

The world of online background check services can be confusing and hard to navigate. There are tons of services available and although many of them are similar, not all of them are equal. The important thing to remember is that although most of the information is correct, there is a possibility that it will be incorrect or missing vital information. Sadly, almost none of these services are truly free, even the ones that advertise a 7-day free trial background check.


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