Walmart Background Check Email Means Failed Walmart Background Check?

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Background Checks | June 7, 2024

Man wearing a Walmart smock looks at a Walmart super center building and a Walmart background check with his hand on his chin and wonders what happens when I get a Walmart background check email, does it mean a failed Walmart background check?

Some individuals who have applied for a position at Walmart might be wondering if the Walmart background check email means a failed Walmart background check?

Receiving an email about your Walmart background check is not necessarily a bad thing, but it could indicate that something is amiss with the background check that the applicant needs to fix.

Before submitting an application to Walmart, individuals should do their research on the Walmart background check process so that they can have the best chance at passing the check and getting hired as soon as possible.

This guide outlines everything applicants need to know about a Walmart background check email and what to do if one is sent.

What Does a Walmart Background Check Email Mean?

Many individuals will become worried when they see they have a Walmart background check email in their inbox. However, this is not necessarily a cause for concern.

The reason that many individuals are not used to receiving emails from a background check agency is that most smaller employers will simply contact the employer directly.

However, since Walmart processes so many background checks, it is easier for the background check service that Walmart uses to contact the applicant directly, rather than through the employer.

This allows small issues to be fixed more quickly and for individuals to know the status of their background check while it is being processed.

The background check is fairly standard considering the type of positions that Walmart has available as well as the size of the company.

Like most major employers, individuals who are applying for positions with Walmart will be required to undergo a background check to ensure they meet the basic qualifications for the job and that they do not have any troubling criminal history information on their records.

The Walmart background check will conduct a series of checks that are fairly standard across the retail industry.

Walmart background checks will involve a criminal history check at both the local and national levels on all potential employees. Besides the basic criminal history check, individuals can also expect standard identity, education, and employment verification to take place.

Identity verification will be completed using the individual’s SSN and employment and education verification will be completed manually by the background check investigator.1

Besides the standard checks, certain positions will be subject to additional checks such as driving record checks on individuals applying for jobs that require driving, drug tests for certain positions, and credit history checks for high-ranking positions in the company.

No matter the kind of checks being performed, Walmart is required to obtain written consent from the applicant before any checks are run.

Who Does Walmart Use for Background Checks?

In regards to who does Walmart use for background checks, they currently work with First Advantage to perform background checks on applicants in most cases.

However, major companies like Walmart may switch companies from time to time or use multiple background check agencies based on geographic location and a number of other factors.

Unless otherwise instructed individuals should contact their hiring manager first with any background check-related questions or concerns.

Walmart Background Check Disqualifications

With Walmart background check disqualifiers, many individuals will be disappointed to find that there is no official list of items that Walmart considers to be grounds for disqualification.

Although this may make things a little more difficult for individuals trying to figure out if their criminal history will cause them not to get hired, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Screenshot of Federal Judiciary website page for United States Courts with yellow arrow on court records.

The U.S. PACER system allows users to check their court (criminal) history to find out if there is any errors or issues with the records.

Walmart is well known as a company that makes a point to hire individuals with criminal records. This means that when it comes to criminal history information, Walmart will examine this information on a case-by-case basis.

Individuals with felony and misdemeanor records will still have a  good chance of passing the background check and getting hired, as long as they are honest on their application regarding their criminal history.

As far as disqualifiers are concerned, the most common reason for individuals to be disqualified from consideration is due to dishonest information on their application. This can be something like failing to list a criminal conviction or lying about a previous employer or job.

To avoid being disqualified due to not listing a criminal conviction on the application, individuals should always perform a background check on themselves beforehand. Not only will this allow individuals to prepare for any questions they may receive about their criminal history, but it will also allow them to fix any mistakes that may be on their background check.

Individuals can use the search bar at the top of this page to perform a free public records search by entering their names.

Walmart Background Check Red Flags

Since there are very few disqualifiers, many individuals will want to know about Walmart background check red flags. Fortunately, there are few surprises here, and Walmart background checks will have the same red flags as most pre-employment background checks.

As far as criminal history information is concerned, any conviction will be viewed as a red flag by hiring managers. However, this does not mean they won’t hire the individual, only that the criminal history information and the individual’s attitude toward their criminal history will factor into the decision.

Generally, the more serious the conviction, the bigger the red flag, the following crimes will represent the biggest red flags.

  • Violent crimes of any kind
  • Sex crimes of any kind2
  • Crimes involving children
  • Theft (For retail positions)
  • DUI (For positions that require driving)
  • Financial crimes (For high-ranking positions and those dealing with finances)3

Just like with other pre-employment checks, Walmart is examining both potential liabilities such as someone crashing a company truck while under the influence of drugs, as well as the safety of customers and other staff members.

How Long Does Walmart Background Check Take?

When it comes to, the time Walmart background checks take, individuals should not be waiting very long. Since the Walmart background check is name-based, the vast majority of checks will take less than one week to complete.

There are a few things that can extend this time, such as if there was a mistake that needs to be fixed.

Assuming all the information was entered correctly, individuals can expect to receive a Walmart background check email in less than 10 days from the time it was submitted.

How Long Does It Take To Get Background Check Email From Walmart?

Sometimes individuals will be left waiting for over a week and will begin wondering, how long does it take to get background check email from Walmart, luckily it shouldn’t take long at all.

As mentioned the check itself will be completed in less than a week in most cases. Individuals should receive an email about the status of their background check the same day the check is completed.

How Far Does Walmart Background Check Go?

A major source for concern is about how far does Walmart background check go, as individuals might have old criminal history information that they are worried about. According to the FCRA, the Walmart background check can technically go back forever in the vast majority of states.4

However, many private background check agencies, including the one used by Walmart only perform checks that go back 7 years in most cases. This simply makes it easier to perform checks all over the country without having to change policies in seven-year states such as Texas.5

However, individuals should still be somewhat wary of this as there are various reasons why criminal history information that is older than 7 years might show up on a background check. Although Walmart will not look too closely at this information and might not even consider it at all when making their decision, it can still be a problem for applicants.

When applicants are asked about their criminal history and if they have ever been convicted of a crime, they will need to answer honestly, even if the conviction was older than 5 or 7 years.

As mentioned there are a number of reasons that old criminal history information will appear, if the individual indicated that they have never been convicted of a crime, then the information that says otherwise appearing on the check will likely lead to disqualification.

Walmart Background Check Status

Many individuals will be pleased to find that they can easily check the status of their background check but will be concerned by what their Walmart background check status actually means. There are a handful of status codes that individuals might see on their background checks.

A status of pending or in progress will mean that the checks are still being performed and no decision has been made yet. Other possible statuses are discussed below.

Walmart Background Check Says Decisional

Individuals who find their Walmart background check says decisional might be worried about failing their check. However, this should not be a major cause for concern.

A status of decisional simply means the background check agency found something on the check that Walmart considers a red flag. This red flag information will be sent to Walmart who will make the final decision.

In many cases, Walmart will contact the employee to discuss what was found.

Failed Walmart Background Check

A failed background screening is likely the last thing that most individuals will want to see. However, there is still one thing that individuals should be aware of should this occur.

All background check agencies are federally required to notify applicants who failed background checks of the exact information that led to this result.6

In some cases, this information will be incorrect. Should this be the case individuals will be able to dispute the results of the check with the background check agency.

Does Walmart Call After Background Check?

Some individuals might have received an email about their background check but will still be wondering, does Walmart call after background check, and will want to know if there is anything else that needs to be done.

In some cases, Walmart will call the applicant once their background check is completed, however, the majority of correspondence with the Walmart hiring team will take place via email.

Individuals who passed their background checks should keep an eye on their email for messages from the Walmart store they applied at regarding onboarding information.

Walmart Background Check Not Working

Individuals who find their Walmart background check not working should contact their hiring manager as soon as possible.

There may be a problem with the check that the individual will need to fix in order to proceed to the next phase of the hiring process.

Walmart Background Check Email: Walmart Application Status

Walmart usually uses an online hiring portal for new employees and applications.

This makes it extremely easy for individuals to log on and view their Walmart application status. However, if there is an issue with the employee portal, individuals can also contact their hiring manager with any questions.

Walmart Hiring Age

Many individuals will be looking to apply at Walmart as their first job and will be curious about the Walmart hiring age. The minimum age to work at Walmart is 16 years old although there are many positions that require individuals to be 18 years old.

How Long Does It Take for Walmart To Hire You?

Many people will be eager to start their new job and will be wondering how long does it take for Walmart to hire you? Compared to many jobs the Walmart hiring process is fairly quick. Most individuals report being hired within 2-3 weeks of submitting their initial application.

Sometimes there may be a problem with emails from the Walmart hiring team. Individuals who find their Walmart job offer link not working should contact their hiring manager to resolve the issue.

Why Is My Walmart Background Check Taking So Long?

Some individuals might be wondering why is my Walmart background check taking so long. All background checks are subject to delays at times. Something as simple as a holiday or a system outage can cause serious delays. Individuals who find their check is taking longer than 2-3 weeks should contact their hiring manager to see if there is any issue that can be resolved.

Walmart Background Check Email

Many people will be excited to get started at their new job and will be eagerly awaiting their Walmart background check email. However, individuals should be careful not to get too eager as making simple mistakes can cause significant delays in the entire process.

Not knowing what to expect from a background check is never a good position to be in. Individuals should always do all the research they can on their potential employers’ hiring policies as well as research the policies of the background check service that they use. By being prepared individuals can minimize the amount of time they spend waiting for their Walmart background check email.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walmart Background Check Email

How Do I Learn What To Do if Failed Background Check?

Individuals who fail a background check are legally allowed to dispute the results of the check with the company that performed the check.

Is Decisional Bad on Background Check?

A result of decisional on a background check indicates that information was found by the background check company that the employer will need to review before deciding if the check was passed or not.

How Long Does It Take for Walmart To Get a Background Check Back?

Walmart background checks are usually completed in less than two weeks but often less than one week. Wlamrt will contact applicants within a few days of the check being completed.

When Will I Get the Walmart Hiring Email?

The Walmart hiring email will usually be sent as soon as the background check is passed. In some cases it may take a few extra days, especially if multiple hirings are occuring at the same time.

Why Is My Walmart Background Check Taking Forever?

There are a few reason that a Walmart background check will be taking longer than expected. One of the most common reasons is because information on the check was entered incorrectly or can not be verified. To prevent this individuals should be careful to double check all the information they submitted.

Even a single digit of the individual’s social security number being wrong can cause significant delays.

What Is the Associate Background Screening System (ABSS) Walmart?

The ABSS is what Walmart applicants will use to submit any background check related information that is required.

How Long Do Background Checks for Walmart Take?

A typical Walmart background check will take about a week to complete. Certain positions that require additional checks may take slightly longer, however they should still be completed in less than two weeks in most cases.

What Is a First Advantage Background Check Walmart?

Walmart uses First Advantage as their private background check provider to perform background checks on all of their employees. Individuals who have issues with their checks should contact First Advantage directly, however keep in mind that Walmart sometimes uses other background check providers in certain cases.


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