Does Family Dollar Do Background Checks? (What They Look For)

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Background Checks | April 26, 2024

Man looking at a background check and a family dollar store wonders does family dollar do background checks and does family dollar hire felons?

Does Family Dollar do background checks?

When considering employment with this retailer, many people wonder what sort of conditions of employment are required.

Although Family Dollar does do background checks with a fairly standard background check practice, the company is slightly more forgiving regarding criminal history than most major retailers.

However, there is some specific information about what Family Dollar looks for that applicants should know.

This complete guide answers the question, does Family Dollar do background checks, and explains the employment process for being hired for an associate or managerial positions.

Why Does Family Dollar Do Background Checks?

Does Family Dollar do background checks? Yes.

Virtually every major retailer in the United States performs background checks on their employees, including Family Dollar.

Basic background checks are designed to limit company liability and improve employee safety.

Individuals will likely see information about the required background check when filling out their initial Family Dollar application. Even though the background check has not been performed yet, in a way the background check begins as soon as the individual fills out their application.

Should the individual move through the application process to the background check phase, the information the individual entered on their application will all be checked as part of the name-based background check.

Screenshot of the Social Security website page with yellow arrow pointing on how to apply.

A basic social security number check is part of employment for Family Dollar.

In order to prepare for the Family Dollar background check, it can be extremely useful to look at the background checks of other major retailers.

Although the background checks will not be exactly the same from company to company, most of the checks will be extremely similar, checking name, address, work eligibility, as well as public criminal records.

Use this list below to learn more about the background checks for similar retail positions.

What’s Included in the Family Dollar Background Check?

When it comes to the Family Dollar background check specifically, individuals will want to know the different kinds of checks that are performed, as well as what they will be looking for in each of these checks that will be considered disqualifying information.

The background check will generally take place after the initial job interview has been completed.

Should the manager ask the applicant to undergo a background check, this is generally a good indication that they are planning on hiring the individual, assuming they pass the check, since there is no point in spending the money to perform a background check on someone they do not plan to hire.

Finally, the hiring manager will likely ask the individual to sign a form consenting to the background check, as this is required by the FCRA.1

When many people ask the question, does Family Dollar do background checks, they are really referring to criminal history checks. Although a criminal history check is likely the most important part of a background check, it is not the only aspect of a background check.

The purpose of the background check is to limit liabilities, and although criminal history is a great way to do this, there are other checks that must be performed as well.

Identity Verification

The first check that the Family Dollar background check will include is a basic identity check using the individual’s social security number.

The background check agency that Family Dollar is using will verify the individual’s identity with the SSA,2 so it is extremely important to ensure that the name on the application is exactly the same as the one on your I.D. and birth certificate.

Screenshot of State of California website page for Employment Development Department with yellow arrows on acceptable documents for identity verification like photo identification.

In every state, the list of acceptable documents to use for verification can be different, but for family Dollar, a state issued photo ID is typically sufficient.

It’s also important that your SSN is entered incorrectly as even being a single number off will cause the check to be failed. Although these mistakes can be fixed, they will cause unnecessary delays in the check and thus to the individual’s start date at their new job.

Employment Verification

Another thing that will be included in the background check is employment verification. Using the information about past employers that was entered by the employee on the initial application, Family Dollar, or the background check service they are using will verify the employment history information by contacting the employer directly.

Generally, they will simply try to find out if the individual actually worked there during the time they claimed to, as well as if they held the position they claimed on their application, and finally the circumstances under which they left their previous employer.

If any of the information on the application turns out to be false it will reflect extremely poorly on the applicant and will likely result in disqualification.

Education Verification

Although it is unlikely that Family Dollar will perform an education verification check on entry-level employees, since there are generally no education requirements for these positions, it’s fairly likely that they will perform an education check on individuals applying for higher positions like management.

This is done the same way as employment verification.

Family Dollar will use the information on the application and contact the school directly to verify dates of employment and if they have earned their degree or any other applicable information.

Family Dollar Criminal Background Check

The Family Dollar criminal background check will be the thing that most individuals are concerned with.

The criminal background check performed by Family Dollar is a name-based check that will examine local and national criminal court records. This is the main reason that individuals are asked to put their last several years of address on an application, as this is how the background check company will perform their local criminal history checks.

Screenshot of State of Connecticut website page for Criminal History Record Request form with yellow arrow on name-based record search.

Every state provides simple, name-based criminal records checks that can be used by employers, once the applicant has signed the consent.

Keep in mind that since the check is looking at court records, any criminal court records matching the individual’s name will be on the background check report.

This includes not just conviction-related information but also criminal charges that were filed against the individual, even if the charges did not ultimately end in a conviction. However, charges that did not end in a conviction will likely have very little effect on the hiring decision.

When it comes to how long do background checks take at Family Dollar, the check should take less than a week to complete. Unlike FBI criminal history checks,3 which use fingerprints and take several weeks to complete, the Family Dollar check is performed by entering the individual’s name into online databases.

Those wondering, why their background check is taking so long to come back, should keep in mind that system outages, holidays, and mistakes on the application can all lead to delays in the process.

Finally, many individuals might be confused as to why they are asked to undergo a background check before an offer, however, this is fairly common and as mentioned, companies will rarely run a background check unless they intend to hire the individual.

How Far Back Does Family Dollar Go on Background Checks?

Many people will also be concerned with older crimes on their criminal history and will be wondering, how far back does Family Dollar go on background checks, and the answer depends entirely on the state. In the majority of states, the only laws followed when it comes to background checks are those mandated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.4

Currently, the FCRA does not have any limits on how far back an employer background check can go when looking for convection information. However, several states have adopted their own laws.

These states are commonly referred to as 10-year background check as they tend to limit employer background checks from looking at criminal history information that is older than 10 years. This is mainly done to help individuals with criminal records to find meaningful employment after they have served their sentence.

Keep in mind that there are only a handful of 10-year states so, in most states, the criminal history check can go back forever.

There is one thing to keep in mind, which is that most background check companies will only look at the last 7 years of criminal history, as 7 years is largely viewed as the industry standard for criminal history checks.

Still, it is important not to lie about your criminal history as this can be a disqualifier, even if the crime the individual was convicted of is not considered a disqualifier.

So, when it comes to, how far back a background screening goes for employment, although the answer is probably seven years, it’s important to check your state’s laws and to prepare for the check to go back forever.

What Do Family Dollar Look For in Background Check?

So, what do Family Dollar look for in background checks, the key aspects they are looking for are extremely straightforward. When it comes to the basic checks, Family Dollar is really only checking that the individual did not lie on their application.

As long as all this information is cleared there should be nothing to worry about. When it comes to criminal history, the answer is a little more complicated.

Does Family Dollar Hire Felons?

The first thing that most individuals will ask about the criminal history check is, does Family Dollar hire felons, and the answer is yes.

Family Dollar is known for hiring individuals with criminal histories and does not have any specific disqualifiers. Instead, criminal history is examined on a case-by-case basis.

As far as, what are the chances of Family Dollar hiring a felon, the chances are fairly good as long as the crime is not extremely violent in nature and the individual has a good attitude towards their criminal history. Those who do not show a willingness to improve themselves and move on from past crimes will likely be disqualified.

When it comes to what types of convictions would make Family Dollar decide not to hire, there are a few crimes that are unlikely to be overlooked. Most notably this includes:

Outside of these crimes, everything will be examined on a case-by-case basis and the hiring manager will decide if the individual’s criminal history poses a risk to the company, other employees, or customers.

Individuals wondering how to get hired at Family Dollar with a felony will only need to be honest with the hiring manager about the crimes, no additional steps should be necessary.

Not everyone will be worried about felony records and there are plenty of individuals wondering, will a misdemeanor impact employment opportunities, although it will have some effect, it will likely be fairly minimal.

The worse the crime is, the less likely that Family Dollar will be willing to overlook it. This means that as long as the individual shows a good attitude toward their criminal history, most misdemeanors will not play a major role in the hiring decision.

Tips for Getting a Job at Family Dollar

For those looking for tips for getting a job at Family Dollar, there are a few very basic things that individuals can do to improve their chances. The first is to double-check all of the information on the application to ensure that there are no mistakes that could make it look like the applicant was lying on their application.

Second, individuals with criminal histories should prepare a response to any possible questions about their criminal history that shows regret and a desire to move forward from their past crimes.

Finally, individuals should know how to obtain a criminal background check and do so before even submitting an application.

Screenshot of Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation website page for divisions with yellow arrow on where to get criminal history record check information.

Anyone can check their public criminal record by visiting the state’s law enforcement website.

So, can an applicant run their own background check ahead of time? The answer is yes and not only is it extremely beneficial it is also easier and quicker to do so than ever.

his will allow individuals to know exactly what is on their background check and give them the opportunity to fix any possible mistakes.

Regarding what information is needed for a background check, individuals will only need their name to perform a check on themselves. However, the Family Dollar check will also require their SSN and their written consent.7

When it comes to, how to perform a background check on yourself, the easiest way is to use the search bar at the top of this page to perform the check. However, there are also tons of online background check services that individuals can use for a fee, although many will offer free trials so that individuals can at least run a single check at little to no cost instead of purchasing a multi-month subscription.

Those wanting the most thorough check possible, then they will likely want to know how to obtain a federal background check on themselves. This can be done through the FBI’s Identity History Summary check which is a fingerprint-based check that is available to the public for a fee.8

Keep in mind that this check can take several weeks to complete so be sure to do it ahead of time.

Does Family Dollar Do Background Checks?

So, does Family Dollar do background checks? Yes, but they are far less intimidating than many people might think.

The Family Dollar background check is about as standard as it gets and individuals should have very few surprises when it comes time to undergo one. The most important thing to remember is to be truthful on the application and run a check on yourself ahead of time to avoid any issues that can delay the process.

Not knowing what to expect from a background check is the worst position to be in. Individuals should do as much research on the company as possible to help them pass, and be able to answer basic questions like does Family Dollar do background checks?

Frequently Asked Questions About Does Family Dollar Do Background Checks

Does a Background Check Include a Drug Test?

For individuals asking, does a background check include a drug test? Not all jobs will require it, but it is common and often required by law for positions that require driving or the use of heavy types of machinery such as tractors or forklifts.

How Long Does an Employment Background Check Take?

For individuals wondering, how long does an employment background check take? A typical employment background check that is performed using a name-based search will take less than a week to complete and can often be completed in 2-3 days as opposed to fingerprint tests which tend to take longer and will likely require around two weeks to finish.

How Long Does a Pre-Employment Background Check Take?

Knowing how long does a pre-employment background check take will help individuals know when to expect employers to contact them. Pre-employment background checks will generally take less than two weeks for most entry-level positions.

What Does Decisional Mean on a Background Check?

For individuals wondering what does decisional mean on a background check; it is a status that usually means something was discovered on the background check that is a red flag. The background check company will send this information to the employer who will make the final decision as to whether to overlook this information or not.

How Do You Know if You Failed an Employer Background Check?

For individuals wondering, how do you know if you failed an employer background check? Employers are required by law to notify applicants of a failed background check as well as what information on the check resulted in disqualification.

How Do I Know if I Passed My Background Check?

For those asking, how do I know if I passed my background check? The employer will contact individuals who passed their background check as soon as possible, usually by phone or whatever the preferred method of contact has been through the application process.

How Far Back Do Family Dollar Background Checks Go?

Family Dollar background checks generally go back 7 years, although in most states they are able to back further if necessary.

What Shows Up on a Background Check for Employment?

Employment background checks will perform identity verification and criminal history checks at a minimum. What shows up on a background check for employment may differ as some industries are likely to do additional checks based on the industry and the position.

What Does Eligible Mean on Background Check?

Eligible usually indicates the individual has passed the check and is eligible to be hired.

Should I Call To Check on My Background Check?

If a background check takes longer than two weeks and individuals are wondering, should I call to check on my background check? It might be a good idea to call the hiring manager to ask about the background check status if a status update is otherwise unavailable.

What Do Companies Look For in a Background Check?

What do companies look for in a background check will be different information based on the industry they’re in, but generally they will be looking for information that indicates the individual is a risk to the business in some way.


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