Lowes Background Check: 8 Rules & How To Pass (Even Felons)

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Background Checks | September 22, 2023

Man wearing a red vest stands with hands on his hips and a question mark over his head, in between a lowes home improvement store, that has a magnifying glass above it, and a Lowes background check document waiting to go to work.

Free Lowes Background Pre-Check
Free Lowes background pre-check searches all public and criminal records and shows which records need to be corrected as soon as possible to turn status approved.

About to undergo a Lowes background check and want to know the rules?

There’s an easy way to pass this retail background check, even for people with a felony conviction, but there are x rules that you should understand.

Candidates and felons who want to breeze through the interview and hiring process can conduct a background check on themselves first to see what shows up on a background check before Lowes does.1

It’s simple. Go to an online background check agency that offers a free trial membership and request your personal report. Or, applicants can access their public records, including their driver report, criminal history, and even federal databases to see what shows up on a background check before it matters for a job, that way any inaccurate or disqualifying info can be addressed.

That way, you’ll be sure to pass.

Lowes is not only one of the largest hardware retailers in the world but actively promotes a diverse and inclusive workplace. All prospective employees are subject to a thorough background check before being offered a position.

But, in the meanwhile, this guide explains the 8 Lowes background check rules and how to make sure to pass, even for someone who has a less than perfect past.

What Type of Background Check Does Lowes Do? (Does Lowes Do a Background Check)

To ensure that the people they hire are trustworthy, Lowes always uses a consumer reporting service to check up on applicants. This verification is performed at the beginning of every online application.

Not only those offered jobs at Lowes, but all applicants will be subjected to criminal history screening, work eligibility (using a social security number background check or work authorization), and public records background checks,4 such as previous employers and addresses.
Two men point to a computer screen smiling at Lowes xtd workforce website screenshot with yellow arrow pointing to the box to login to your account.

Lowes may also perform a professional license verification search when the position involves operating machinery that requires a license, as well as a driver’s record check.

However, federal law stipulates that the screening cannot be conducted without the candidate’s permission. Lowes will not do a background check without the applicant’s consent.

First Advantage Screening Solutions, Inc. (FADV), an industry leader in background checks, is a company with which Lowe’s has an ongoing business partnership. The initial step is to investigate the contractor’s company’s principle. First Advantage registration is required at the beginning of a contractor’s working relationship with Lowe’s. The IMS Service Provider Portal features a prominent link to the First Advantage website.3

This is also where prospective installers can submit applications for background checks on their staff and subcontractors.

Typically, a judgment on whether or not to approve a background investigation is made in about seven to ten days of the request being submitted to First Advantage.

Lowes Background Check Policy Rules (What Does Lowes Look for in a Background Check)

Like all companies, there are specific things that Lowe’s looks for in a background check. Some of the following items are considered:

  • Ability to pay debts, a good credit rating (only when the credit background check is performed, such as for management and c-level positions)
  • Character and Public Persona (Lowes may do a social media background check in certain situations)
  • Record of criminal activity (Criminal history searches typically examine some federal registries as well, even with a level 1 background check)
  • Proof of identity Using SSN
  • Education History
  • Previous Job Experience
  • Reports From Other Sources

Although many factors are examined during the screening process, not all of them are given equal weight. For instance, a person’s criminal record will carry considerably more weight than their credit score.

A background check will involve studying criminal history data and identifying all crimes and non-convictions, including instances that were not tried or dismissed.

In most cases, a person’s criminal history will never be expunged if they have been convicted of a felony. An expungement5 is typically the sole option for getting rid of it. This procedure can ensure that the conviction will never be made public. Rules for expungement vary from one state to the next.

Rule #1. Employment Conditions: Does Lowes Hire Felons?

Like most modern businesses, Lowes merely checks applicants’ backgrounds for seven years. Considered felon-friendly, the type of crime and when it was committed has an impact on whether a felon will be hired by Lowes.

And they typically won’t turn people down for the job if they are forthright about their criminal history on the application.1

Rule #2. Lowes Background Check Disqualifications

A person may fail the Lowes background check for a variety of reasons. There are things that can automatically disqualify a person from working at Lowe’s. And while not all of these apply to every job, many of the red flags include:

Criminal History

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, over 78 million Americans have a criminal history that must be revealed as part of the employee background check. Whether or not Lowes can hire the person, notwithstanding their background, relies on some circumstances, such as the nature of the position being sought and any applicable industry regulations.

Screenshot of criminal history disqualifiers for federal positions with yellow arrows pointing to bullet points, which are similar to Lowes background check disqualifiers An applicant’s criminal history may be considered, but only to a certain extent. Fair employment legislation protects applicants with criminal records in several states.

Education Discrepancies

In the case of a job applicant’s educational credentials, a thorough background check can reveal any inconsistencies.

This is especially true for positions with Lowes that require certain education or professional licenses.

Bad Credit History

Some states severely limit or prohibit even doing a credit check as part of a background check. However, with most upper-level positions, a credit check is part of the background check for Lowes, and a bad report can disqualify a candidate.

This typically applies to people applying for a job with a salary of over 75k.

Poor Driving History

Lowes hires truck drivers with a clean driving history. Tickets for speeding or other traffic infractions could appear on a driver’s MVR report, and as a public record, will be part of what shows up on a background check.

False Employment Claims, Unexplained Gaps

A 2019 survey by Go Banking Rates found that one-third of Americans lie about their career history and duration of employment.

When applying for a job, it is desirable to see that the applicant has worked in a similar capacity at another firm for a given period. However, if this information turns out to be false, Lowes has good grounds to reject the applicant.

Drug Test Failure

Employees who use illegal drugs pose a serious risk to any business. Pre-employment drug testing can eliminate candidates with positive histories of illicit drug usage from consideration for employment. Any prospective employee who does not pass a pre-employment drug test may be disqualified from further consideration to maintain uniformity in the hiring process.

If a candidate fails a drug test but is using marijuana for medical reasons, they should talk to an attorney before taking any action.2

Rule #3. How Long Does Lowes Background Check Take?

A background check from Lowes takes somewhere between a few days and two weeks, based on how busy the drug screening agency is.

A criminal record check through Lowes will take approximately a week but can be less.

Rule #4. Lowes Background Check: Law for States

“Ban the box” legislation has been passed in 37 states and more than 150 local jurisdictions across the country to ensure that a person’s qualifications, rather than their criminal history, are given priority when hiring new staff.

This means that a Lowes application won’t ask about a prior conviction in these states and jurisdictions.

Rule #5. How Far Back Does Lowes Background Check Go?

Every potential employee at Lowes is subject to a thorough background check6 that includes a look for any felony convictions within the prior seven years.

Rule #6. Lowes Background Check: Misdemeanor Policy

Most consumers and businesses place misdemeanors below felony offenses on a severity scale. However, many companies are willing to hire those with minor convictions while refusing to recruit those with serious ones.

With Lowe’s hiring practices, it depends on the specific crime, but typically someone with a misdemeanor on their record can be hired.

Cornell Law school website screenshot definition of a misdemeanor with yellow arrows pointing to class a, class b, and class c.

No minor conviction should prevent anyone from applying for a position at Lowes.2

Rule #7. Lowes Background Check: Felony Policy

Like other considerations, Lowe’s background check policy regarding felonies is based on the circumstances.

Some of the time a person with a felony can be employed at Lowes. However, the company occasionally refuses employment to convicted criminals if the crime presents a threat to the current working environment.

In addition, Lowes will consider the nature of the candidate’s prior convictions. The nature and degree of the offense committed will have a significant bearing on the decision.

Lowes Installers Background Check Overview

Installers are independent contractors that Lowes pays to travel to customers’ houses and put in the company’s products and home improvement projects.

According to Lowes Installation Program, the corporation frequently requires expert installers to install doors, windows, and openers and plumbing, flooring, kitchen cabinets, worktops, appliances, lumber, and electrical work.

All installers for Lowes must be properly licensed7 in the state where they work. According to the BLS, most states require licenses for electricians (BLS). Plumbers also need licenses to contract with the store. If a person wants to work as an installer, they should have their business accredited.

The Lowes website features a searchable database of licensed installers organized by state.

Rule #8. Lowes Contractors Background Check and Requirements

To become a contractor for Lowes, there is a series of steps to undergo.


To begin, the contractor visits Lowe’s Installer webpage to register as a supplier and submit a preliminary application. Queries on the form change depending on the applicant’s course of study.

If they make it through the preliminary application review, they will be sent an approval code and password along with online registration guidelines through email.

Here, they will be requested to detail the fields in which they are interested and submit the relevant ID numbers for any relevant qualifications, licenses, or approvals they already possess.

Lowes website login page with yellow arrows pointing to the place to enter email address and password, and the submit button.

Criminal History

According to the Lowes Services Agreement between them and the installer, relevant criminal history verification must be conducted on all Staff (as outlined in that Contract, such as construction company workers or subcontractors) who oversee installation services; undertake specifics, evaluations, or Technical Services (as described in that Contract); or convey merchandise to the contracting Company.3

Worksite Checks

Lowe’s will conduct worksite checks at regular intervals to ensure that the client’s assembly encounter is positive and that every Contractor on a Lowes job site has been properly background checked.

If a Provider’s worker or Subcontractors has not been properly background checked, hasn’t satisfied a background check, or is unable to present their identity credentials, Lowe’s will order the Installer to dismiss those persons from the worksite. If the organization fails to meet its background check standards, Lowe’s may decide to end its commercial connection with them.

Please remember that a Tax Identification Number (TIN) cannot be used in place of an SSN on the background permission.

What Is Lowe’s Hiring Process?

Lowes is well-known for its systematic and time-saving approach to the employment process. Applicants fill out a regular application for employment (often online) and then sit through a 45-minute session where they are given three short tests measuring their situational judgment, demeanor, and intellectual functioning.

To identify who will be invited to an in-person interview, they use the results of these examinations.

two men install a stove wearing lowes vests on a lowes independant service provide login page with a yellow arrow pointing to the signin area.

Eligible candidates for entry-level positions are often hired within two weeks. But Lowe’s has a uniform hiring process for all positions, whether in the store, the warehouse, the customer service department, or the corporate office.

Candidates who demonstrate a strong dedication to customer service are highly regarded by Lowes. Customers of Lowe’s demand both low prices and excellent service despite the store’s operations being situated in a greater, moderate, ruthlessly aggressive retail market.

Tips for Getting a Job at Lowes

There are a few things an applicant can do to improve their chances of getting recruited8 at Lowe’s, such as:

  • Put in applications for any and every job
  • Be able to provide recommendations
  • Submit a resume detailing their work experience as of the present day
  • Don’t lie about identity or past
  • Arrive early for the interview
  • Wear proper attire
  • Always treat others with courtesy and respect
  • Pronounce their words carefully and convey excitement

Applying in person gives anyone the best chance of meeting with Lowe’s manager. If the topic of felony conviction9 arises, the candidate shouldn’t try to avoid it.

They should provide an objective explanation of the evidence that led to that verdict as an alternative.

A Lowes background check is thorough, but even people with prior convictions can be hired by this home improvement mega-store, they just need to know the rules and give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lowes Background Check

Does Lowes Do a Background Check for All Postions?

At the time of hiring, Lowes conducts a thorough investigation into each applicant’s past. Their background investigation includes credit worthiness of the applicant et cetera.

What Does Lowes Background Check Consist Of (What Do They Check)?

A criminal history check is part of Lowes’ background checks and is based on the applicant’s SSN and other personal information. Convictions for felonies and misdemeanors, as well as open criminal proceedings and prior incarceration as an adult, will be revealed through a background investigation.4

How Long Does Background Check Take for Lowes to Complete?

It usually takes 3-10 business days to finish the background check process at Lowe’s. However, this time frame may increase if the candidate attended school or worked abroad.

Does Lowes Do Background Check Before Your Interview?

When looking to hire new staff, the organization does background checks.

What Is Involved in Lowe's Hiring Process (Are There Drug Tests)?

Two or even more interviews, an aptitude test, a background investigation, and a drug test are all standard parts of the employment process at Lowe’s. Check out Lowes’ online career portal to learn about available positions. To apply for a position online, the person must first set up an account on their webpage.4

Does Lowes Do a Federal Background Check Using Fingerprints?

Since Lowes only does “county or state” background investigations, the only federal checks are those for sex offender and child abuse registries.

Where’s the Lowes Background Check Login Link?

The background check login for Lowes is on the company website. Navigate to the bottom of the page to find it.

Where Can I Find a Lowes Background Check Form to Fill Out?

Call 1-844-HR-LOWES or head to their website.

Does Lowes Background Check Email Address Work?

Lowes uses email communications to arrange for interviews and other transfer of information.

With a Lowes Background Check, How Far Back Does It Go Back?

A Lowes background check will generally examine the last seven years, however, corporate level checks can go back farther in some states.


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