How to Find Someone’s Birthday In 8 Steps (Date of Birth Finder)

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Man wondering how to find someone’s birthday while looking at a calendar, while another man celebrates holding a pink birthday cake with one candle on his date of birth, lookup process for finding a birthday (DOB).

Knowing how to find someone’s birthday using public records, governmental offices, social media sites, and specific look-up sites can come in handy for a number of reasons.

And, understanding how to do each method (without skipping important steps) can make the process faster and ensure that the date of birth finder technique that you use actually works.

The following 8 steps outline how to find someone’s birthday quickly and easily. These steps will work almost every single time on anyone. To save time you can use the official birthday database search box below.

Birthday Search (Date of Birth Finder)
Background check searches public records to find anyone's date of birth using their name and location.

Step 1. How To Find Someone’s Birthday Online With Birthday Look-Up Sites

There are various birthday look-up sites and date-of-birth finder tools that can be accessed online. Instead of just asking a friend or asking the person, consider using look-up sites to stay anonymous and avoid alerting anyone about the anonymous searches.

Image of a man celebrating birthday and toasting with someone online

(Image: Gustavo Fring4)

Note: If the birthday lookup is being performed for a professional reason, the law requires that the person being searched sign a consent form– it’s against the law to search someone’s background check for professional reasons without permission.

Top Birthday Look-Up Sites for How To Find Someone’s Date of Birth

Some sites advertise birthday lookup tools, and can be fast, but are not usually completely free. Some free background check agencies offer a free trial period, or a specific amount of information free, such as a reverse phone number service, address lookup (who lives here), and middle name searches.

Among the public records used, many lookup sites scour census and voter lists (both of which are public records), family trees, marriage certificates (for marriage background checks), death certificates, photos, military, immigration, travel, and more.

Although some of the documents are not considered public records, they may still be accessed by the individual who owns them and state and government agencies.

The search box above includes one of the biggest databases of birthday information and is the best place to start if using this method (look-up sites).

Step 2. How To Find Someone’s Date of Birth Free Using Public Birth Records, County Resources

County and state resources provide many personal details when the right search is conducted.

Searching county clerk offices for public records, analyzing voter registration data, using the state’s comptroller’s office, contacting land offices, and using national records can all deliver results.

Searching County Clerks for Public Records

One of the most common ways to find someone’s birthday is to use the county clerk’s office and perform a court records search.

For example, the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in Virginia Beach County contains all criminal and civil court records. Individuals can access the Circuit Court Clerk online and then perform a name-based search to see if the person has ever been arrested, convicted, or charged with criminal activity.

Image screenshot of accessing court documents - journalist's guide

(Image: United States Courts5)

Court records can contain a person’s private and sensitive information, such as their date of birth, but there are laws concerning how this public record information can be used.

Voter Registration Data

Individuals can also learn how to find someone’s birthday by looking at voter registration lists in their specific county.

Voter registration information is considered a public record. Many states distribute this information to large companies that pay for it. There are no laws prohibiting states from selling this data. It has always been free to disseminate.

In Multnomah County in Virginia, voter information is available to:3

  • Candidates, political party committees, political action committees, incumbents for political parties, and nonprofit organizations can request public lists at a reasonable fee as a means of communication.
  • The public can access the voter registration lists at county election offices.
  • Individuals can find out the person’s name, address, birth year, gender, voting history, and election district.
  • The confidential information is the person’s social security number, protected addresses, declination of an individual to vote in an election, and birthday and month.
  • The file can only be used for campaigning and political purposes for reporting to constituents.
  • The ACP is put in place to help those who want to keep their information private.

Use Public Records

The last way to learn how to find out someone’s birthday is to use public records. Public records offer a host of information that can be accessed by anyone.

Many history compilation sites provide ways to find someone’s birthday using public birth records.

State comptrollers offices also store public records such as property ownership and marriage licenses, which can both include someone’s birthday.

Using the County or State Comptroller’s Office

The state comptroller’s office is the specific office in charge of the state’s tax collector, account, treasurer, and revenue estimator.

A state’s comptroller’s office typically has open records for the public to view and access government records. The government information in these records is available for public consumption, although some information may be kept private and secure.

For individuals to view public information at a state’s comptroller’s office, they will have to submit an open records request by mail or use the online Open Records Tool for the state’s office. For users who submit the request via the Open Records Tool, they can track the status online.

Land Offices

The Clerk of the Court Land Records in Prince William County can be used for the public record search of property records.4 Individuals can access the Prince William County agency by the following address:

Clerk of the Court Land Records
9311 Lee Avenue
3rd Floor
Manassas, VA 20110

Furthermore, individuals can access criminal and civil court records by contacting the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in Virginia Beach County by contacting the following address:

2425 Nimmo Parkway
Building 10 and 10B, 3rd Floor
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Therefore, using land offices can be helpful for contacting professionals regarding criminal databases, public records, property records, and civil court records.

National Archives and Records Administration

One way to find old information regarding a person’s birthday is to utilize older court documents. Some documents are not searchable in online databases due to their older age.

Close up image of a person registering as a voter

(Image: Edmond Dantès6)

In this case, records that are on file before 1999 may only be available by the National Archives and Records Administration.

  • If a person needs to search for someone’s information they know is before 1999, then begin by contacting the court where the specific case was filed.
  • Individuals can use the Public Access to Court Electronic Records to find federal case files that are more recent. 6,7
  • Individuals should stay up to date on the newest laws regarding access to public access court records.8

Step 3. How To Find Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp

Although it is possible to find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp, it is more difficult than using other social media options (explained below). The only thing that a person needs to provide when they sign up for What’s App is their number, and that’s it (unlike other sites, where someone has to put in their birthday, location, hometown, career, etc.).

Therefore, WhatsApp mechanically does not know anything other than the name provided and the phone number.

However, a person can find out about someone’s birthday by keeping an eye on their WhatsApp status. Similar to a Facebook status or Instagram story, this status can provide context clues as to their birthday.

  • Click on their name.
  • Scroll down to the ‘About and Phone Number’ section.
  • Check their Status.

The last way to find out someone’s birthday via WhatsApp is to use the messaging service to contact a mutual friend who may know the person’s birthday.

Step 4. How To Find Someone’s Birthday on Instagram

There are three common ways to learn how to find someone’s birthday on Instagram: check shared posts, look at their story, and search tagged posts.

Check Shared Posts

The first way to find someone’s birthday is to check shared posts to see previous posts regarding whether their birthday is upcoming or has already passed.

Check out the poster’s caption to see if it mentions anything about a birthday, the most-liked posts, and mutual friends to see if there are any specific birthday-related images.

Search Tagged Posts

The next way to find someone’s birthday is to search tagged posts of the user.

  • Tap the tab on the far right below the user’s name.
  • Scroll down the tab list.
  • Click on ‘Tagged Photos’
  • Search tagged photos for birthday posts

Look at Their Instagram Story

Instagram users will typically post more frequently near their birthday, whether it is upcoming or just passed.

By looking at their current story or looking at their saved stories on their profile, a person can find out the individual’s birth date based on their posting frequency, the content of their images, and comments on their photos.

Step 5. How To Find Someone’s Birthday Without Social Media

When trying to find a person’s birthday without social media, it can take a little bit more time — but it is still possible! Some of these methods may seem old-fashioned, but they can end up being one of the most direct ways to find out the answer.


Having a conversation with the person about their birthday, information about them, and common interests can be a great way to break the ice and find out more about the person of interest.

Keep the conversation light and airy, asking them about other things beforehand.

Of course, it’s likely that you want to find out without asking them. In that case, find out where they work and explain to their manager your plans to surprise them. Employers have access to this information and may be able to share it under the right circumstances.

If their current employer is unable to provide this information, you can always try to find their employment history and reach out to a previous manager.

Ask a Mutual Friend

If the searcher has a mutual friend with the person in question, they can ask them about the person’s birthday. This way, the searcher can either get more clues about the person, find out their birthday, or have a way to find out about the person’s information.

Step 6. How To Find Someone’s Birthday on Linkedin

LinkedIn is a comprehensive networking site for professionals in various sectors. Bosses can find potential new employees by searching profiles and viewing qualifications, whereas those in need of a new position can find the job of their dreams by using the job search.

But LinkedIn can also be used to find someone’s birthday using these steps:

  • Visiting their profile
  • Scroll through their bio to find birthday posts and comments
  • Message their connections to ask about their birth date

However, keep in mind that people are notified when someone views a profile, so if the searcher needs to be sneaky, this is not the best way.

Step 7. How To Find Out Someone’s Birthday Without Asking

There are numerous ways to find out someone’s date of birth without having to ask them online or in person.

Use Facebook

Facebook is one of the easiest and fastest ways to find out someone’s birthday without asking. Since Facebook makes a person’s birthday visible to their friends on their friends’ list, they can view their birthday on their profile if they are already connected.

If they are not a connection, a person can send a Friend Request, or ask a mutual friend to check out their birthday on their profile.

Use Search Engines

It is possible to find public records on search engines like Google or Yahoo to search for someone’s birthday.

Image of Google search engine open in a laptop screen on top of a desk with notebook, pens, and phone

(Image: Caio7)

If a person knows the individual’s first and last name, then the search engine will show the date of birth on any platforms or social media sites where their birthday is public knowledge.

A simple website search of the name of the person may yield a lot of results, including online news articles that feature the individual (both positive, like a sports write-up or a wedding announcement, or negative, like a criminal or particularly embarrassing event), social media sites, alma mater, and more.

Glance at Their ID or Passport

If the searcher is hanging out with a person and they have the chance to view their ID, asking to see their photo license picture or passport picture can be a good way to get a glimpse of their birth date.

Ask an Interesting Question

If a person does not want to directly ask someone when their birthday is, but wants to know their date of birth, they should consider asking a unique birthday question.

Ask them if they share a birthday with any of their family members if they share a birthday with a famous athlete, or if they share a birthday with a president – this way, they will end up hinting about their birthday or telling their date of birth during the interesting story!

Step 8. Find Someone’s Birthday By Running a Free Background Check

Probably the easiest way to find someone’s date of birth is to access the person’s criminal records (yes, it can be used for anyone even if they don’t have a criminal record). Anyone can find out where someone works, get confirmation about the person’s address and contact details, and also find out whether that person has a criminal record. Free background check sites do offer some information for free, but most will charge a small fee to run the full public records search (which will contain the birthday).

Finding someone’s date of birth does not have to be complicated. Individuals can use public records and governmental offices to find someone’s birthday. Furthermore, using online websites, like look-up finders and social media, makes it possible to do some digging and learn how to find someone’s birthday.


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