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Background Checks | April 26, 2024

Man on the right holds a magnifying glass toward a large computer screen showing a free online background check and no credit card and wonders if there is really a totally free background check no credit card needed.

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Many websites claim to offer a totally free background check no credit card needed, but few actually deliver on the claim.

In an age where publicly accessible information about an individual can cause immediate and lasting damage to reputation, career, employment, and so on, it is incredibly important for individuals to be able to see what shows up on their personal background checks.

But, no one wants to pay for something that can be obtained for free. And it is possible to get background check information without paying.

In this article, learn how to use this site’s totally free background check no credit card needed, and master 7 other techniques to get free background information today.

Is There a Totally Free Background Check? (No Credit Card Needed)

More and more, it seems that services that are advertised as free wind up having hidden fees or other caveats, leading many to wonder “Is there a totally free background check (no credit card needed)?” This is a valid question, and while a 100% free background check is technically possible, it is not always easy to come by.

Typically, websites that advertise free background check services can only offer the services partially free as the process of conducting a background check is labor-intensive and time-consuming when done properly.3 However, many online background check services will offer limited free trials to individuals who sign up for memberships.

Try our totally free background check (no credit card needed) by entering the information above.

Aside from this, conducting the background check oneself is the only way to cut back or eliminate extraneous costs.

It will take time to complete, but anyone can do a totally free background check, no credit card needed by using all the methods outlined below.

How Do I Get a 100% Free Background Check No Credit Card Needed?

The search tool at the top of this page can be used for a totally free background check (no credit card needed), but many people want to know about other ways to get a 100% free background check, no credit card needed.

This section outlines 7 other ways to get background information free, and when used together, can deliver public records for free, no charge.

Input first, last, and middle names in the Google search bar.

Adding more context (e.g. location, maiden name, affiliated companies or schools) will generate more specific results.

Method 2: Search Social Media Profiles

If it’s on social media, it can show up on a background check, so scour all social media profiles for personal information.

Method 3: Order a Free Annual Credit Report

Every U.S. resident gets one credit report per year at no cost. Credit reports are sometimes included in background checks, particularly in rental situations.

An individual can easily obtain their own but will require a social security number to obtain someone else’s.3

Method 4: Order a Driving History Report From the DMV

Driving records are often included in background checks for jobs that require driving or operation of machinery.

To find any state’s website, use the USA.Gov DMV Search.12

Method 5: Check Federal Databases (Offender Lists)

Much information is available on the federal Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) database, including federally filed criminal and civil records. Ordering FBI Identity History Summary Checks (Rap Sheets) can provide additional insight into criminal records.

Check the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website for free, as well!13

Method 6: Check State Databases and Court Records

Most states offer a court search tool such as this AZ Courts Locator.14 Run a search in any state which was a former residence.

The steps for using state databases and court records is described below.

Method 7: Check Local Courts and Clerk Records

County and district courts retain many of an individual’s court records. Many counties have online databases and others can be searched in person.

The process for accessing and using local court and county resources is outlined below.

Can I Get a 100% Free Background Check for International Use? (Universal Totally Free Background Check No Credit Card Needed)

When traveling abroad, foreign officials may sometimes request that a U.S. citizen demonstrate they do not have a criminal record.

In this instance, it is always nice to have a physical document that can be presented.

Screenshot of Travel State Gov website page for document authentication with yellow arrow on Office of Authentications.

Before leaving the U.S., individuals can request a local police check or FBI records check which can be verified through the Office of Authentications.15

While this may not necessarily be a 100% free background check, it is certainly worthwhile for the peace of mind it affords.

How Do I Conduct a Free Criminal Background Check No Credit Card Needed? (Resources for a Free Criminal Background Check)

Accessing criminal records is one of the primary reasons why more employers are conducting criminal background checks and why it is so important to know how to get a free criminal background check (no credit card needed).

Luckily, almost all criminal records are public (juvenile records excepted), and they are much easier to find and access than many other types of public records. Individuals looking for a free criminal background screening should use the following resources:

  1. Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website
  2. Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)16
  3. FBI Identity History Summary Checks (Rap Sheets)17
  4. State and Local Law Enforcement
  5. State and Local Court Records

Can I Do a Background Check on Myself for Free?

Understandably, many people want to know, how to do a background check on myself to cut back on the costs typically associated with background check services. Any person can get a background check on themselves using this totally free background check (no credit card needed). Because of the work that goes into collecting background information, very few services are truly free, but some do offer a free trial which can be a great fit for individuals looking to conduct a one-time background check.

Alternatively, an individual may elect to put in the time and work themselves for a DIY background check.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Free Background Check Without Paying (Free Background Check Online No Charge)

Sometimes, the best way to get a free background check without paying is to conduct a “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) background check. While this may sound ideal, the process can be time intensive and is not a great fit for all people.

To conduct a DIY free background check online (no charge), follow these 7 steps from the previous section.

  1. Do a Google Name Search
  2. Search Social Media Profiles
  3. Order a Free Annual Credit Report
  4. Order a Driving History Report from the DMV
  5. Check Federal Databases
  6. Check State Databases and Courts
  7. Check Local Courts and Databases

What Are the Best Free Background Checks?

Use the search box at the top of this page for a totally free background check (no credit card needed). Otherwise, the best free background check is usually the one an individual does themselves because a DIY background check allows the person to have complete control over the background check process.

A person conducting a DIY background check can control how much time and effort they put into the process as well as how extensive they want the background check to be.3

For individuals who do not have the time to commit to a DIY background check, affordable options are available through third-party background check services. Sometimes, free trials may even be available.7

How To Access Public Records for Free

One commonly queried topic is how to access public records for free. “Public records” is a fairly broad umbrella term that can encompass many record types from property records to criminal records.

In fact, most of what an individual might consider to be their personal information are actually public. However, the fact that a record is public does not necessarily mean that it is also free.10

Screenshot of Manatee County website page for property appraiser with yellow arrow on property records search.

To access public records for free, follow these four steps:

1. Specify the Type of Record Needed.

The type of record determines the search method used. For example, property records may be searched through the county recorder while marriage records may be searched through the state’s vital statistics office.

2. Google the Type of Public Record, Plus the Location, Plus the Term “Free.”

For example, an individual who needs access to Dallas court records should search “Dallas county Texas court records free.”

3. Identify an Appropriate Resource.

Many state and local websites have the .gov URL which lends ready credibility. Other sites may use .com, .us, and .org, but the bottom of the webpage should state whether the site is official or not.

4. Conduct the Search Using All Available Information.

Input full names, dates, known addresses, and any other piece of information which can reduce errors in the search.

How To Find Birth Records Free Online

While birth records are publicly available in a small minority of states (such as California), most states place heavy restrictions on the disclosure of birth records and other vital records.8 Thus, anyone looking for how to get birth records free online may have their work cut out for them.

Birth records and other vital records are held by the vital statistics office of the state. There is typically a charge to obtain record copies, but some sites make certain information viewable for free. Sometimes, registers of births and deaths may be kept by the county clerk or recorder and can be searched for free in person.9

How To View Public Records (Bankruptcies) Free

Many people also want to know how to obtain bankruptcies on public records free. While truly free routes may be limited to informal internet searches which may yield incomplete results, there is another very affordable, official method to view public records bankruptcies free, or nearly so.

Screenshot of United States Courts website page for services & forms with yellow arrow on bankruptcy.

Bankruptcies are filed at the federal level, and therefore, bankruptcy records can be viewed via the federal Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) database.16 Though there is technically a $0.10 per page charge, this caps out at a nominal fee of $3.00.1,3

Conducting a free search for marriage license records can be as simple as inputting the names of the individuals and locale into a search engine browser, but there are also more official ways of obtaining this information.

An individual’s marital status will show up on any background check, including this totally free background check (no credit card needed). Marriage records can sometimes be accessed through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Office of Vital Records, or through the Clerk of Courts in the county where the marriage occurred.18

Some marriage records may also be available free through genealogical websites such as FamilySearch or GenWed.4

Note that general marriage and divorce information, such as data for a specific county or state can be found through the United States Census Bureau.19

How To Do a Free Public Criminal Record Check

In the majority of cases, criminal records are public and may even be accessed for free using an online government database.3 A free public criminal record check could be as simple as an online search of the relevant court database (e.g. New Mexico State Judiciary Case Lookup).20

Screenshot of National Archives website page for records search with yellow arrow on court records search for at least 15 years old case records.

Criminal case files greater than 15 years old may be held by the National Archives. Alternatively, an individual may also elect to search criminal records in person by visiting the courthouse where the records are kept.21 The appropriate court can be located using a government tool such as the Federal Court Finder.22

How To Find Out if You Have a Warrant for Free

There are many options for people wondering how to know if you have a warrant, but most of these are not entirely free. At the federal level, individuals can search for warrant information via Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER). State-issued warrants can often be identified by contacting the state’s Department of Public Safety, and a local warrant may be looked up by the County Clerk at the local courthouse.

How To Check if You Have a Felony for Free

A felony conviction is a serious mark against an individual’s criminal record, and many people want to know how to check if you have a felony for free. Because criminal records are public records, this is often fairly simple and involves searching criminal databases at the federal, state, and local levels.

Screenshot of McLean County Government website page for court records search with yellow arrow on traffic and criminal cases.

One way to get information on federal crimes is to request an FBI Identity History Summary Check online. When online routes are not available, an individual can often view their criminal records at the local courthouse. Note that physical copies of records typically require a fee.

How Do I Get a Free Background Check for Employment?

Conducting a personal background check for free is possible, but doing a free background check for employment is tricky for a couple of reasons. Anytime a background check is going to be used for professional reasons (tenancy, employment, loan eligibility), it falls under the purview of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and must meet certain requirements.23 Working with FCRA-compliant background check companies can help an employer maintain compliance and avoid running afoul of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.1

Large-scale employers can often negotiate discounts for bulk-order background checks.

Is There a Free Volunteer Background Check?

Similar to employment background checks, volunteer background checks seek to ensure that the individuals affiliated with an organization do not pose a threat to the community or clientele. However, mandated background checks can get very expensive for non-profit and for-profit volunteer companies alike, which is why people are curious about free options.

A free volunteer background screening looks a lot like a DIY background check, but when the screening is of another individual, that person should always be informed about the background check beforehand. Additionally, a volunteer background check may include steps that a personal background check might not, such as an FBI fingerprint check or a sex offender registry check.

Screenshot of FDLE website page with yellow arrow on sexual offenders and predators search.

Note that some background check organizations (e.g. Sterling Volunteers) have set-ups that allow the organization and volunteers to split the cost of the background check.6

Can I Do a Free Background Check With Social Security Number?

For a professional background check, social security number is almost always required. This helps reduce the chance of error in the collection and reporting of personal information about an individual.5

Furthermore, any background check which utilizes an individual’s SSN necessarily falls under the domain of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and requires the consumer’s knowledge and consent.

While any individual can input an SSN into a search browser for an unofficial background search, a totally free background check with social security number is not really possible. Furthermore, working with an FCRA-compliant background check service is always advisable for professional background screenings, particularly those that use SSNs.11

Note that The Social Security Number Verification Service for employers can be used free of charge.24

What Shows Up on a Tenant Background Check With Social Security Number?

It is common practice for landlords to request a potential tenant’s Social Security Number (SSN) in order to conduct a background check on tenants with social security number. While a name-based background check allows a customer to view publicly available records about an individual, the SSN is required for a landlord to obtain certain financial information about a tenant, such as their credit report. The landlord must have the individual’s permission to use their SSN for consumer report purposes.11

In today’s digital age, there are a lot of different ways to view and access public information about people. While some of it may be accurate, it’s likely that much of it is outdated or incomplete.

Ordering a background check from a trusted source is often the best way to get comprehensive background information, and a totally free background check no credit card needed is only one search away.

Frequently Asked Questions About Totally Free Background Check No Credit Card Needed

Can I Search Public Records for Free (No Charge)?

Many people want to know if it is possible to search public records for free (no charge), and the good news is that it often is. Many states and counties offer online databases which can be searched for a free and only charge for official copies of documents.2

What Are the Steps on How To Find Out if There Are Pending Charges Against Me for Free?

There are several different scenarios where an individual may want to know how to find out if there are pending charges against me for free, and the best initial steps to take include checking police reports and contacting the county or district court clerk.

Where Can I Search To Learn How To Find My Divorce Date Online for Free?

Anyone who has wondered how to find my divorce date online for free has several resources at their disposal, from the federal database, PACER, to county court record databases, to informal internet searches. Luckily, online sources are often free to search but charge for physical copies of documents.

Where Can I Find Information on How To Find Out if Someone Is Divorced for Free Online?

Knowing how to find out if someone is divorced for free online can be useful in determining the status of an ongoing divorce trial or learning more about a new romantic interest. This information can often be found for free with a quick internet search or by ordering a background check from a company with a free trial period.

What Are the Methods on How To Find Out Who Owns a Property for Free?

There is an abundance of methods for how to find out who owns a property for free which can include online routes such as searching property records through the county assessor or county clerk and in-person avenues such as browsing local history in person at the county library.

What Should I Do To Learn How To Find Someone’s Name by Phone Number for Free?

When a call from an unknown number comes through, many people may wonder how to find someone’s name by phone number for free. Many sites offer reverse phone lookup services, but finding the name behind the phone number is often as easy as a social media or Google search.25

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