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Background Checks | May 22, 2024

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Does OnlyFans show up on a background check? There is no denying the age of technology is here, and as workers diversify their income with ‘side hustles,’ whether or not these types of income generators will be part of background information is a common question.

OnlyFans is one of the numerous social websites individuals can use to make money, but many users want to keep that information private and use pens names and other anonymity tools that are available.

However, their income is generally sent to their personal identity, which causes many to ask whether a potential employer will see the source of their side hustle at OnlyFans.

Maybe… it depends on the type of check being run, who is running the check, and whether the check will reveal income (and that income is over $600).

The answer is tricky, but fortunately, anyone can find out exactly what will appear on a background check, and the answer to can background check uncover former workplaces by running one on themselves first.

If you are worried about background examination results showing OnlyFans, check yours right now to know for sure, then use the following information on learning about a person’s job history and background check types to see if your side hustle income will be easy to trace on a background check.

When Will OnlyFans Show Up on a Background Check?

The quick answer to “Does OnlyFans show up on a background check?” is a firm “maybe.” There are several factors to consider when answering this question, including:

  • Type of background check
  • Type of employer
  • Type of OnlyFans account
  • Amount of Income

What Background Checks Will Show OnlyFans?

Any employer or interested party can conduct a do-it-yourself social media profile research and see the employee’s or applicant’s public profiles. If an individual keeps profiles set to private, this type of search will not generate much information.17

There are different modes of background screening that can reveal OnlyFans affiliation. Background checks conducted by third-party companies can include social media checks as part of the package selected by an employer. Again, only publicly available information is viewable.

A level 4 background check is one of the thorough background screenings, and it commonly includes social media checks, as do FBI background checks. FBI and federal background checks may also be able to access information that would not be viewable through lower-level background checks.

But, the bottom line is that unless the employment check includes a detailed tax history, the OnlyFans income will not be visible.

What Employers Look for OnlyFans?

Government employers will absolutely look at an employee’s social media accounts which may contain content that can incriminate or blackmail the employee or agency. Social media presence may be heavily regulated by federal employers.12

Additionally, employers who are very religious or conservative may place more weight on the substance of an employee’s social media posts.3

What Types of OnlyFans Accounts Show Up on a Background Check?

OnlyFans creators who use their legal name as their username will easily show up on a Google search for OnlyFans plus employee name.

If a creator uses a well-disguised stage name and otherwise conceals their identity on OnlyFans, they are much less likely to appear on a social media background check. Subscriber accounts are quite easy to keep anonymous and would likely only show up on higher-level government background checks, and even then, aren’t likely to be a cause for concern.

Where Does OnlyFans Show Up on a Background Check?

OnlyFans can show up on a Google name-based social media search if the creator profile is listed under their legal name. OnlyFans can also show up on a credit history report if an individual earns $600 or more and receives 1099 from OnlyFans.3,7

Does OnlyFans Show Up on a Background Check? (Employment History)

So, does OnlyFans show up on a background check? Yes, OnlyFans can show up on a background check. This can happen in a few ways.

  1. Employment history
  2. Income/Financial History
  3. Social media check

Employers have learned how to find someone’s employment history in several different ways. Employment history is commonly verified via a background check. An individual may choose to disclose OnlyFans on their application, but that does come with the risk of the omission being uncovered.3,12

If a wage amount greater than $600 was earned from OnlyFans, 1099 will be issued, and that income will show up on a financial/credit history check, of which an employer may seek verification.

A social media check will quickly pull up a non-anonymous OnlyFans account and an in-depth search can dig up some less accessible information.

Can Potential Employers See Your Work History on OnlyFans?

It is possible for potential employers to see an applicant’s work history on OnlyFans. A simple name search on the OnlyFans website can pull up an individual’s account if the user account is under the legal name.

This does not mean that the employer would have access to the account; rather, the employer would need to create an account and subscribe to the creator’s page to view content.3

OnlyFans distributes 1099 at the end of the year which documents all earnings for tax purposes. Any individual who receives 1099 must file that income with the Internal Revenue Service.

That income can be viewed through a credit history report, but most times when an employer wants to verify salary, they will contact former employers. Credit history reports are regularly obtained on applicants for higher-paying jobs or jobs with financial responsibility.3, 11

Employers can verify any reported work history rather easily, and it’s also quite possible for them to discover any unreported work history via background checks which may access credit reports and social media platforms. Therefore, omitting a job from employment history is not always the wisest option.13

Can I Make an OnlyFans With a Fake Name? (OnlyFans Background Check Shield)

Individual creators can absolutely create an OnlyFans profile using a fake name or stage name, and in fact, it may be advantageous in cases where adult content is being promoted.

However, in the U.S., it is not possible for content creators to set up an account with a fake name. While some other countries allow third-party payment apps, OnlyFans creators in the U.S. are required to link their accounts directly to a bank account to receive payment.16 Therefore, OnlyFans has access to creators’ personal identifying information.3

Can I Get Fired for Having an OnlyFans Account? (Fired for OnlyFans? Laws for All 50 States)

Persons interested in the question “Does OnlyFans show up on a background check?” are likely concerned about how an OnlyFans account may affect their ability to secure or retain a job.

Individuals curious about the impact of OnlyFans on employment may wonder if they can be fired for having an account. The short answer to this question is that employees can basically be fired for almost any reason. In explanation, most states are considered “at-will,” which means that a firing can be carried out at an employer’s discretion, so long as it was not discriminatory.3

Though all states are “technically” “at-will” states, many states have taken the first steps to protect employees’ social media privacy by enacting legislation dictating how and when an employer can view employee social media accounts.4

Currently, twenty-nine states have legislation regulating what social media an employer can access and how. Other states, such as Florida, have tried and failed to pass similar legislation. The current law generally states that employers cannot request a username and/or password access, privacy changes, or friend status to applicants’ or employees’ private social media accounts, with some small variations from state to state.

For example, New Mexico’s N.M. Stat. § 50-4-3418 only explicitly protects applicants and not current employees. Furthermore, most of these laws only apply to civilian employers, not to federal employers. In fact, some states like South Carolina, prohibit state employees from having personal social media accounts.10

As recently as 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld the decision to fire a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation employee following an offensive Facebook post.2

There are two states (Kentucky and Texas) with posted unofficial policies regulating employee social media use in the workplace.

See links to state legislation in the table below.

StateSocial Media Used for Employment Background Checks
AlaskaThe Alaska State Legislature
House Bill No. 284
ArkansasA.C.A. § 11-2-124
CaliforniaCalif. Lab. Code § 980
ColoradoC.R.S. § 8-2-127
ConnecticutConn. Gen. Stat. § 31-40x
Delaware19 Del. Code § 709A
Hawaii2021 H.B. 125
Illinois820 ILCS 55/10
KentuckySocial Media in the Workplace: Examining Implications and Managing Risks*
LouisianaLa. Rev. Stat. §§ 51:1951-51:1953 & 51:1955
Maine26 M.R.S. § 616 to 619
MarylandMd. Code, Labor, and Emp. Law § 3-712
MassachusettsMCL § 37.271-37.278
MichiganMichigan Internet Privacy Protection Act
House Bill 5523
MontanaMont. Code Ann. § 39-2-307
NebraskaNeb. Rev. Stat. 48-3501 et seq.
NevadaNRS § 613.135
New HampshireN.H. Rev. Stat. § 275:74
New JerseyN.J. Stat. § 34:6B-5 to -10
New MexicoN.M. Stat. § 50-4-34
OklahomaOkla. Stat. §40-173.2
OregonO.R.S. § 659A.330
Rhode IslandR.I. Gen. Laws § 28-56-1 to 6
TennesseeTenn. Code §§ 50-1-1001 to 1004
TexasSocial Media Use Policy*
UtahUtah Code § 34-48-201 et seq.
Vermont21 V.S.A. § 495l
VirginiaVa. Code § 40.1-28.7:5
WashingtonRCW §§ 49.44.200 and 49.44.205
West VirginiaW.V. Code § 21-5H-1
WisconsinWis. Stat. § 995.55

*Denotes unofficial government guidelines rather than official legislation.

** NOTE: States not listed on the table do not currently have social media privacy laws in place.

Aside from the consideration of state legislation, individual company policy must also be taken into account. Some companies are much more lenient with their social media regulations than others. Many government jobs prohibit the use of social media for federal employees, and very religious or conservative companies may have stricter policies as well. Jobs in healthcare, childcare, and law enforcement may be less accepting of employees producing adult content.5, 14, 15

Companies are likely to frown upon personal social media accounts being present in or influencing the workplace environment. For example, in 2020, a female mechanic in Indiana was fired after male coworkers discovered her OnlyFans account and viewed content at work.6

Kentucky’s Social Media in the Workplace19 policy is a helpful look at how employers can regulate social media while maintaining an open and honest approach with employees.

Side hustles and online gigs are a product of the digital age. As more individuals seek opportunities for profit through content creation for online media, there are more unknowns in terms of background checks. Thus, many creators for the website OnlyFans are now asking the question “Does OnlyFans show up on a background check?” and looking for ways to check their background as they attempt to secure other employment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Does OnlyFans Show Up on a Background Check

Does OnlyFans Come Up on a Background Check?

An OnlyFans account may come up on a background check which includes a social media background check. Any government job will conduct a comprehensive background check which will include a social media search, and in turn, trace OnlyFans accounts back to creators.3

Does OnlyFans Pop Up on Background Check?

A quick internet search can turn up an OnlyFans account where the profile is under the creator’s legal name. A more in-depth search, such as with government background checks can reveal anonymous OnlyFans accounts, also.

Will Future Employers Know if I Used OnlyFans in a Social Media Check Even if I Use a Different Name?

Social media screenings are becoming a more common aspect of the background check process as people’s lives are displayed online more now than ever before. It is probable that most medium to large companies will include a social media screening in their background check. OnlyFans can still show up on a social media screening even with a creator using a stage name, but it is much less likely. Unless a company is very religious or morally conservative, they are unlikely to dig too deeply into an individual’s social media presence but instead may do a cursory examination of publicly available information.14 A more thorough check run by government agencies is likely to find any and all social media accounts.5,8

Can You Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

It is possible to make money on OnlyFans without showing one’s face. Facial features can be digitally edited and blurred or photoshopped with an image overlay. Some individuals may elect to wear a mask or not record their faces, to begin with.

Some users report making money with foot pictures and other niche interests. And though adult content is what OnlyFans is most recognized for, there are other services an individual may provide on the platform, such as:3

  • Fitness
  • Acting
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Etc.16

If an individual is able to provide content that is unique or useful, there is a good chance of making money on OnlyFans with or without showing one’s face.

Can I Make an OnlyFans With a Fake Name?

Many individuals use fake names or screen names when crafting their creator profiles, and this is completely acceptable and even preferable for many reasons. However, it is not possible to set up a creator account without inputting personal information into OnlyFans, and that information must be legitimate for an individual to receive payment and pay taxes on OnlyFans income.3

Can Potential Employers See Your Work History on OnlyFans?

An employer can do a name plus OnlyFans Google search to pull up accounts with that name. If the account is set to private, the employer cannot view the applicant’s OnlyFans content without creating a customer account. Therefore, the employer can only guess at the content type unless they ask an applicant directly. Furthermore, if a creator uses a screen name rather than a legal name, the account is unlikely to pop up on a regular background check.3

Now, employers may be able to see OnlyFans 1099 income if it shows up on credit history reports. Additionally, higher-level background checks and many state employers have the right to access social media accounts.15

Do Background Checks Show Where You Live?

Background checks typically generate a short list of an individual’s most recent addresses, including the current address.1

Do Background Checks Show Employment History?

Employment history is one of the first areas investigated in a background check. The company conducting the check will seek to verify reported employment by contacting previous employers or cross-checking employment dates with other sources of information.9

Does OnlyFans Count as a Job?

An OnlyFans account functions as a personal business. The individual providing content submits work, receives payment, and then pays taxes on that income. This falls under self-employment, which does count as a job.1

Can You Have 2 OnlyFans Accounts?

Some users report that it is possible to have a maximum of two accounts (one free, one premium).1 It may also be possible to create multiple accounts using alternate email addresses.

How Much Does the Average Person Make on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans collects 20% of payments made, and creators retain 80% of their fees.[8] There is a vast range of income reported by content creators on OnlyFans, with some celebrity creators making millions of dollars. However, the median earning rate is approximately $180 per month.9,17

Can an Employer Fire You After They Hired You Because of a Background Check?

In most cases, background checks are conducted prior to finalizing the hiring process so that the employer can take the results of the background check into consideration. If a scenario arises where the hiring is finalized before the background check returns, it is unlikely that the employer would revoke the hiring unless there are major red flags on the report.

With that said, remember that most states are “at-will” where employers can fire employees at their discretion, so long as they do not violate Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)20 laws.1

Can a Potential Employer See a Subscriber Account on OnlyFans?

It depends. Subscriber accounts are less vulnerable than creator accounts. Subscribers can create usernames that help conceal identity. Additionally, subscribers won’t have wages to pay taxes on, and they may also pay for subscriptions with credit cards rather than linking a bank account. Purchases made will show up on bank statements or credit card statements.

It is unlikely that a regular background check would turn up an OnlyFans subscriber account, but a comprehensive government check most likely would.16

Can You Remain Anonymous on OnlyFans?

Anonymity from the OnlyFans company is not really possible, as creators in the U.S. are required to input contact information and bank account information during account setup to receive payment.

However, it is possible to create an anonymous profile, though a creator must be very vigilant to maintain complete anonymity.1 Some tips to remain anonymous on OnlyFans include:15

  • Create a stage name that does not use personal identifying information.16
  • Do not show facial features or use personal name in content.
  • Cover or disguise any extremely identifiable or recognizable body art.
  • Never promote OnlyFans account on other social media platforms under their real name.

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