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Background Checks | May 16, 2024

Postmates background check almost ready a man wonders, asking does Postmates hire felons while looking at a computer screen that has the almost ready message for a Postmates background check with a red food delivery car to the left.

Postmates Background Check Status Search
Free Postmates background pre-check shows all records and which records need to be corrected as soon as possible to turn status approved.

Postmates is one of the better-known delivery services, and in the past, many new and veteran drivers for the company received the message “Postmates background check almost ready.”

While the message may seem self-explanatory, drivers found themselves wondering how long it would take to finish the background check.

Some wondered, “how to determine background check outcome,” as the process took longer and longer.

But, something happened in 2021 that changed the Postmates background check ‘almost ready’ message…the company merged with Uber to conduct screenings for drivers.

Now, to pass a background check, drivers no longer use the Postmates Fleet app, but rather utilize Uber’s background check platform.

Postmates Merger With Uber

In the past, Postmates applicants and background checks were processed through the Postmates Fleet app.

However, since Uber’s acquisition of Postmates in late 2020 and the subsequent dissolution of the Postmates Fleet App in June of 2021, aspiring Postmates drivers must apply through Uber and undergo Uber’s hiring process to become Uber Eats drivers.

That means the Checkr background check system is now used for Postmates drivers.

Individuals who were already driving for Postmates had to reapply to drive for Uber, pass a somewhat more stringent background check, and merge driver accounts.

All drivers now use Uber’s platform. While Uber retains the customer-facing Postmates webpage, it is a copy of the Uber Eats page, and all queries and accounts redirect to Uber.5

Postmates Fleet Background Check Almost Ready? (Postmates Background Check Says Almost Ready)

Since drivers who had already been given the approval through Postmates Fleet app now had to undergo another background check, this caused a few issues.

The Postmates background check ‘almost ready’ message was eliminated, but sometimes replaced with ‘Uber background check needs attention.’

Postmates Background Check Stuck on Almost Ready (Postmates Background Check Stuck)

Depending on the records that are needed, some Postmates background check ‘almost ready’ messages were sent when a driver had multiple state driving records and criminal records to check.

For example, if a driver has only lived in one state their entire adult life, the background check process takes less time than when a background check agency must check many different states.

In addition, when any errors (like typos) in names, social security numbers, or driver’s license numbers are present, the background check process can be stalled indefinitely.

What Does Consider Mean on a Background Check Postmates?

There are several background check statuses that an individual may see during the background check process conducted by Checkr, one of which is “Consider.” The “Consider” status means that the background check has been completed but still requires a review of any negative information that may have shown up.4

How Long Does Postmates Background Check Take? (Postmates Background Check Time)

Like many other delivery companies, Postmates/Uber Eats utilizes a third-party company (Checkr) to conduct their background checks. Checkr is a secure platform that collects and analyzes information from state and federal sources.

The entire process can usually be completed in ten days or less.4 If it goes longer than that, drivers should follow instructions for contacting Uber background check help.

Why Is My Background Check Taking So Long With Postmates?

There are many variables to consider when evaluating the length of time a background check may take. These factors may be sorted into four categories: application errors, company variables, user variables, and extraneous variables.2

Some common application errors which can delay a background check include:

  • Not completing the background check consent form
  • Submitting inconsistent information on the background check consent form (e.g. signing with a non-legal name)
  • Not submitting legal documentation along with consent form (Driver ID)

Some common company variables that may delay a background check include:

  • Large influx of applications and background checks
  • Issues with the driver app or website processing of background checks
  • Communication snag between the company and third-party background check service

Some common user variables which may affect background check turnaround time include:

  • Having lived in multiple states, cities, and countries
  • Having a complex employment history
  • Having adverse information returned on background check

Finally, there may be extraneous variables affecting background check processing, including:

  • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on courthouse staffing and response time

How Do I Contact Postmates Customer Support?

Formerly, Postmates had a customer support line at (888) 815-7726 as well as contact points via the website and app.17 Now, Postmates queries will redirect to the parent company, Uber.10

After signing into an Uber Eats/Uber account or app, queries will redirect to Uber’s Help page where customers can search topics for information or view active orders and recent receipts. Only customers signed up for premium membership packages receive access to Uber’s customer support phone line, and other customers likely have more luck receiving help through Uber’s Facebook or Twitter accounts.15, 16

What Disqualifies Me for a Postmates Job?

There are several factors which may disqualify someone from working for Postmates/Uber Eats or another delivery service. These may include:2

  • Not having an operational smartphone
  • Not having a valid Driver’s license
  • Having felony convictions or criminal convictions of a violent nature
  • Having a significant driving record with multiple or serious infractions
  • Having a DUI on MVR report
  • Not being of legal age to drive

Does Postmates Hire Felons?

Because a driving job for Postmates/Uber Eats requires frequent interaction with customers and goods and sometimes a prepaid card, it is highly unlikely that the company would hire someone convicted of a serious violation, such as a felony.

Instances from many years in the past may be considered on a case-by-case basis.11

The Postmates service has undergone many changes in the last two years during the merger with Uber. Drivers have learned to navigate shifting waters while transitioning to Uber’s platform and interface. While the Postmates background check “almost ready” message may be a less common issue, aspiring drivers still seek to understand the background check process and how to successfully pass a background check to become an Uber Eats driver.

Frequently Asked Questions About Postmates Background Check Almost Ready

How Long Does It Take for Postmates To Approve Background Check?

Background checks conducted by Checkr are typically processed in about a week, give or take. If a background check takes longer than two weeks, consider checking the status of the background check through the Checkr Candidate Portal.6

How Long Does Postmates Background Check?

Many background checks may clear in as few as two days, while some may take as long as ten days. There are various factors that may affect the length of time on background check return.4

How Much Does Postmates Pay?

Earnings through Uber Eats/Postmates vary depending on the area of residence, hours worked, and quality of service provided. For example, an individual working in a large city is likely to make more money than someone in a smaller, less urban area. On average, Postmates drivers may procure an $11 hourly wage before tips though the range and exact wages vary greatly by area.1,12

Is Postmates Worth It?

There are many considerations to take into account when deciding if a driving job is the right fit. While working for Postmates (or Uber Eats) may provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of schedule and hours worked, there are many variables to consider, such as:

  • Does the potential driver live in a profitable area?
  • Can the price of fuel be offset by potential income?
  • Can a driver work enough hours to make the effort profitable?

These are just a few of the factors that may affect the value of a driving job for a specific individual. Every situation is different.5

Does Postmates Take Cash?

Postmates customers can use Uber Cash (formerly Postmates Cash) to pay for orders by preloading “cash” from a debit or credit card to the Postmates app. However, Postmates does not accept traditional cash payments.7

Why Is My Background Check Taking So Long on Postmates?

A lengthy background check may be attributed to various causes such as an incomplete application, a hold-up in the processing of the application, complicated employment or criminal history, or outside factors such as local effects of the pandemic on staffing and court turnaround time.2,4

Why Is My Background Check Taking So Long?

If a background check has taken longer than two weeks, check to make sure that all forms were filled out correctly and no action is required. If all documentation and information have been properly submitted, visit the Checkr Candidate Portal to check the status of the background check. Contact Checkr to address any confusing information.6

How Long Does It Take To Get Hired With Postmates?

The entire hiring process from start to finish varies depending in large part upon the length of the background check process. A person may begin driving for Uber Eats in less than two weeks if the background check turnaround time is typical.14

How Long Does Postmates Welcome Kit Take?

With Postmates, drivers received welcome kits. Some other delivery companies also provide starter kits (e.g. Doordash). However, UberEats does not provide a welcome kit for new drivers, so while veteran Postmates drivers would have received a welcome kit, recent hires for Uber should not expect to receive one.13

How Long Does a Doordash Background Check Take?

Doordash uses Checkr, the same third-party company used by Uber (Postmates) to conduct background checks. Doordash support claims that the background checks are typically processed in 5 to 7 business days, though it can sometimes take longer.9

What Do I Need To Start Delivering With Postmates?

Prior to driving for any delivery company, an individual needs to pass a background check. Once the candidate passes the background check, he or she is approved to drive for the company in question.

Some companies send starter kits or welcome packets for new drivers, and though Postmates was, historically, one of those companies, UberEats is not. Therefore, new drivers for the company should not expect to receive a welcome kit.

First and foremost, all delivery drivers for companies such as Postmates/Uber Eats must have a smartphone in order to obtain jobs.3

For any delivery job, an essential requirement is the mode of transportation. While delivery on foot is permitted in some large cities (e.g. New York City, Chicago), walking deliveries are not widely encouraged. Most delivery persons will want access to a car, bike, or scooter.8


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