Uber Background Check Needs Attention (How Long It Takes)

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Background Checks | May 16, 2024

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Uber Background Check Status Search
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Many aspiring Uber drivers have received the confusing message that their Uber background check needs attention.

With the Checkr background check platform, many people have voiced concern and frustration over how long the vetting process takes for this type of delivery service job.

When someone gets the message their “Uber background check needs attention,” it can certainly be frustrating because it rarely indicates exactly what’s wrong, or outlines if there’s something that could be easily fixed to speed up the process.

Fortunately, when you get a message that your Uber background check needs attention, there’s no need to throw up your hands in despair. There are things you can do…first identify:

This guide explains everything on the list and also answers some of the most frequently asked questions about Uber background checks.

Does Uber Do Background Checks on Drivers? (Are Uber Drivers Background Checked?)

Background checks are required for more and more jobs these days, particularly when applying for large companies with well-known names and established reputations. Uber entrusts its clientele and/or goods to its drivers and the company needs to ensure that the drivers are trustworthy.

It is no surprise that Uber requires a background check for all prospective drivers before hiring.5

Much like any other pre-employment screenings, they only uncover relevant information depending on the type of background check conducted. In the case of Uber and other driving gigs, the background check will focus on driving history and criminal history.

Whether an individual is applying to be an Uber rideshare driver or UberEats delivery driver, the applicant must consent to a background check during the application process.3

Any individual who wants to check their motor vehicle record prior to consenting to a background check can access their driving history through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)14 for their state.

What Background Check Does Uber Use?

Uber uses a third-party company called Checkr for all Uber and UberEats background checks.3 Checkr is a credible and secure platform used by many companies, including Instacart and Netflix.2 Checkr has been in business since 2014 and is classified by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)15 and accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), formerly the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).7

Check is a customizable background check service that allows employers to pick and choose from a list of background check services to conduct a fully compliant state and federal background check.5 Depending on the options selected, Checkr may scan anything from a potential employee’s arrest history and motor vehicle record (MVR) to sex offender databases and national criminal records.2

Users can access the Checkr Candidate Portal for updates on background checks.1

How Do I Set Up Uber Background Check Appointment?

Once an Uber driver account has been created and all account information has been completed, drivers have a few options to obtain support through the driver account or app. If a driver needs in-person support rather than chat or phone support, an appointment can be scheduled with a Greenlight Hub, a.k.a. Uber help desk, to discuss concerns and receive help.4 Uber requests that individuals always schedule appointments before visiting a hub to ensure that all individuals may be served in a timely fashion. Follow these steps to schedule an appointment.

Step 1: Log into the Uber driver account.

Step 2: Select the Help option in the upper right corner of the Uber webpage.

Step 3: Scan the drop-down menu to select “Get Help in Person.”

Step 4: Click “Contact Support” at the bottom of the page to book an appointment.

Step 5: Enter an address or zip code to search for nearby Greenlight Hubs.

Note: While many large cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Houston, and Chicago have physical Greenlight Hub locations where drivers may schedule in-person appointments, most searches will not render a physical location nearby but will generate an option for a virtual appointment.

If there is a Greenlight Hub location nearby:

Step 6: Click “Schedule Appointment” beneath the desired location to select a preferred date and time.

If there is not a Greenlight Hub location nearby:

Step 7: Click “Schedule Video Appointment” on the Virtual Greenlight option to select a preferred date and time.

Message From Uber: Your Background Check Needs Attention (Uber Message)

It is not uncommon for an Uber candidate to receive the notice that the Uber background check needs attention. This message is perplexing to many applicants who are stuck wondering what went wrong and how long the background check process will take to complete. This likely results in applicants feeling worried about background screening results and wondering what the phrase “needs attention” means in the case of Uber background checks?

If a candidate’s background check is flagged by Uber as needing attention, it is likely that there is some snag in the processing of the background check request that is preventing it from moving forward. In most cases, Uber requests that an applicant submit or resubmit specified documents or forms. In other cases, there may be inconsistencies in self-reported information that need to be resolved. It may also be the case that the background check simply did not make the transition to Checkr for processing and needs a nudge from the applicant to bring it to the forefront.

Uber Background Check Taking Forever?

For individuals who are eager to begin their driving career with Uber, it can seem like the background check is taking forever. In some cases, this is closer to reality than one might think. Some Uber candidates have reported that their background checks took multiple months to complete, and some applicants had to escalate their background check issue through Uber’s support team to have it addressed.12

The most important thing an applicant can do to keep the background check process moving is to stay informed and stay in communication with both Uber and Checkr.

Obtaining a completed background check can become a major headache for individuals in need of immediate income, but remember to stay informed, polite, and persistent to receive the best response.5

Does Uber Do Background Check Every Year?

As part of its commitment to community safety and excellent service, Uber conducts periodic background checks on its drivers to ascertain that drivers are maintaining clean driving and criminal records.5,12 Though the frequency of Uber’s background checks may vary between states and cities, all driver accounts will undergo a background check at least once per year. If a driver, whether relatively new or veteran, does not pass the background check, the driver will lose access to Uber’s driver app.3

Some sources indicate that individuals who drive exclusively for UberEats may not be required to undergo a yearly background check.10

Uber Account Needs Attention: Background Check Common Issues

There are many background check issues commonly experienced by applicants during the background check process, not least of which is the notice that an Uber background check needs attention or an Uber account needs attention. When this notice appears, Uber often requests that a candidate resubmit the background check consent form or other documentation. The Uber-Drive app has struggled to process background check submissions, and some users have had better luck submitting forms through a web browser.

Furthermore, the timeline for Uber’s background check appears to be unpredictable with some background checks stretching out month after month with no apparent progress. Uber claims that some of the delays can be attributed to the effects of the pandemic on the efficiency and timeliness of the court system in responding to record requests.

Veteran drivers have been frustrated by Uber’s intermittent or yearly background check when unexpected delays in the process cause drivers to lose access to their customer base and their income, even leaving some to file for unemployment.13

Another potential consideration is Uber’s complete acquisition of the rival company Postmates in June 2021. Postmates’ drivers have been subsumed under the Uber umbrella, adding all those extra drivers to the app and all those extra annual background checks to the to-do list.11

How Long Does Ubereats Background Check Take?

UberEats background check process is approached the same way as Uber’s rideshare background check. The background check is conducted by a third-party company Checkr. The entire background check process is designed to be completed within five business days, but many users have noted significant delays with Uber and UberEats background checks.6

Ubereats Background Check Return Needs Attention

An UberEats background check needs an attention message, similar to an Uber background check needs an attention message, indicating that some action is required on the part of the candidate. In some cases, this means that there might be an inaccuracy or omission in the applicant’s inputted information. In other cases, the consent form or other documentation may need to be resubmitted.6

Some users report difficulty submitting documentation or forms through the Uber app. In this scenario, try submitting materials directly through the website to circumvent any in-app issues.8, 9

How Do I Fix Uber Needs Attention?

When an applicant receives notice that the background check needs attention, it often means that the background check requires some action on part of the applicant to be processed. This might mean that further documents need to be uploaded or a consent form submitted. It could also mean that there are inconsistencies or errors in the personal information input by the user.

When the “Uber background check needs attention” notice appears, Uber should inform the applicant what step needs to be taken (e.g. forms resubmitted) to process the check.

Step 1: Access the Uber-Driver app.

Step 2: Submit the required documentation or forms.

Step 3: Watch for an email from Checkr that the background check has been initiated.

Step 4: Monitor background check status and contact Checkr if the process takes longer than two to three weeks.

Some users have discovered that they are unable to submit forms successfully via the app and must use the Uber website. In this case:

Step 1: Access the driver account on the Uber website.

Step 2: Submit the required documentation or forms.

Step 3: Watch for an email from Checkr that the background check has been initiated.

Step 4: Monitor background check status and contact Checkr if the process takes longer than two to three weeks.

If an applicant receives notice that an Uber background check needs attention, but the app and website do not provide follow-up information for the candidate to address the issue, the candidate should contact Uber support via the website or app.6

Uber Background Check Help (Get Uber Background Check Support)

Many aspiring Uber drivers have been frustrated by drawn-out background checks or confusing messages concerning their background check status. Luckily, drivers have a few resources to resolve background check issues.

When applying to drive for Uber, prospective employees create an Uber user account through Uber’s website and download the Uber-Driver app. Therefore, drivers have access to Uber support through either route.

To contact support through the website, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the Uber website driver account associated with the application.

Step 2: Click the “Help” icon in the upper right corner of the webpage.

Step 3: Scan the drop-down menu for the preferred support option.

Uber drivers can choose to chat online for assistance, call support at (800) 593-7069, or schedule an appointment to speak with someone in-person or virtually.

Step 4: Describe the background check issue being experienced and ask how the issue can be addressed.

To contact support through the Uber-Driver app, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log into the Uber-Driver App to access the driver account and resources.

Step 2: Select the “Help” icon in the upper right corner of the app.

Step 3: Scan the drop-down menu for the preferred support option.

Uber drivers have the same support options through the app that are available via the website: chat support, call support, and in-person support by appointment.

Step 4: Describe the background check issue being experienced and follow instructions to resolve the issue.

To obtain additional information about background check status, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Checkr Candidate Portal to view the status of the background check.1

Step 2: Input the correct legal name and social security information for the background check.

Step 3: Check the status of the background check report.

Is My Uber Background Check Denied?

If an applicant does not pass the background check, the status of the report changes to denied or rejected. At this point, the applicant has a few options.

  1. If the applicant knows why the background check failed, they may choose to cut their losses and keep searching for a job with a less stringent background check.
  2. The applicant may contact Uber directly through their “Help” portal to obtain information about the reasons for the failed background check.
  3. If the applicant believes the failed background check to be in error, they may review the report for inaccuracies and seek to resolve or dispute the report.
  4. An applicant may opt to reapply after a few months have passed, or an applicant may choose to wait until their background check clears up to reapply.5

The background check is a necessary and useful way for Uber to screen prospective drivers before hiring. However, many candidates have been frustrated by how long it takes to have their background checks approved. This article explains what it means when an Uber background check needs attention and helps aspiring Uber drivers get the support they need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Uber Background Check Needs Attention

How Do I Fix My Uber Background Check?

If an Uber background check appears to be stalled, check the app or driver account online to see if any action is required. Sometimes, forms may need to be resubmitted or inaccuracies fixed.

If a candidate is concerned about passing a background check, conducting a self-check prior to applying for a job is advised. This allows candidates to be aware of any potential marks against them and potentially have errors or old records removed. Any individual wondering about the details found in their personal records can benefit from a self-check.

How Long Does Uber Take To Clear a Background?

The background check process generally takes less than a week to generate a report, with some variance depending upon the depth and breadth of the check. With Uber’s Checkr-conducted background check, the typical time frame is 3 to 5 business days. However, some applicants have reported a much larger time range, with some background checks taking several months to complete.

Applicants can monitor the status of their background checks through the Checkr Candidate Portal and contact Checkr for assistance. If a background check takes more than two weeks to complete, an Uber driver candidate may choose to contact Uber’s support team for follow-up.3

Why Is Uber Taking So Long To Check My Background?

There are multiple reasons why a background check may take longer than expected. The list below enumerates many of these.

    • Personal, identifying information was input incorrectly, and the background check cannot process.
    • The applicant lived in many different states for years prior.
    • The applicant has an extensive criminal record which must be collected and examined.
    • The courthouses may be operating slower or with fewer staff during waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • There was a communication error between Uber and Checkr, effectively putting a hold on the background check.6


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