Criminal Charge That Goes on a Sheet (All 30 Rap Sheet Crimes)

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Criminal Records | April 29, 2024

Man looking a stacks of criminal charge documents and wondering about criminal charge that goes on a sheet with a magnifying glass wondering how to get RAP Sheet list free.

While most individuals will be familiar with a RAP (record of arrest and prosecutions)  sheet, they might not know what kind of information it contains, and may be wondering if there is a difference between a criminal charge that goes on a sheet and one that does not.

All 30 rap sheet crimes are charges that many people will be familiar with and understanding the kind of information that appears on a RAP sheet will help individuals better prepare for background checks.

Essentially, a person’s RAP sheet contains more than just these 30 crimes, because legal codes contain thousands of criminal violations. These, however, are the most common and depending on when they were incurred, they may not show up on most employment background checks.

It’s crucial to run a background check on yourself first to ensure that your record is clean and that the criminal charge that goes on a sheet (RAP) can be removed.

Is There a Certain Kind of Criminal Charge That Goes on a Sheet?

Many people wondering if there is a certain kind of criminal charge that goes on a sheet may be under the impression that only certain crimes or certain levels of crime appear on a sheet. However, any and all official criminal history information will be present on a RAP sheet.

The difference between a RAP sheet and a criminal history report is a common source for confusion. However these terms are used interchangeably and refer to the same information. A RAP sheet (Record of Arrests and Prosecutions) will have the same exact information as a typical criminal history check.

Screenshot of FBI website page with yellow arrow pointing to the current processing time to get your rap sheet

The Federal Bureau of Investigation provides resources for anyone to check their RAP sheet, or obtain proof that there is none (i.e. your record is clean).

Arrests, charges, and convictions will appear on a RAP sheet, many individuals may be under the impression that only conviction information will appear on a RAP sheet, however, this is not the case. A RAP sheet will include any criminal information available, including charges that never resulted in convictions.

Criminal Charge That Goes on a Sheet: Most Common RAP Sheet Crimes

As mentioned, both misdemeanors and felony charges will appear on a RAP sheet. Below are the most common RAP sheet crimes.

Drug OffensesDrug Offenses
Aggravated AssaultDUI
Domestic ViolenceAssault or Battery
Motor Vehicle TheftTrespassing
DUISex Crimes (Such as Prostitution)
TheftResisting Arrest
Supplying Alcohol to MinorsStalking
ArsonPublic Intoxication
Weapons Related CrimesIndecent Exposure
ForgeryDisorderly Conduct
Identity TheftCriminal Mischief
CounterfeitingViolation of a Non-Contact Order
Mail FraudDomestic Assault

Criminal Charge That Goes on a Sheet: RAP Sheet Lookup

There are numerous options to perform a RAP sheet lookup on yourself or on another individual. One of the easiest and quickest ways to do this is to use the free public records search at the top of this page. There are also plenty of options to perform a complete background check using an online background check service.

Besides methods that involve private background check providers, there are also various official methods available to find someone’s criminal history information. If the court where the individual was charged with a crime is known, individuals can simply make records requests using the individual’s name with the court clerk.

There is also the option to request a background check on yourself through the state police, this will be one of the most thorough options available and will require a fee to complete. Finally, there is the option to perform a federal background check, which will be the most thorough and expensive option. This can be done through the FBI and is known as an Identity History Summary Check.1

Keep in mind that both state and federal background checks can only be performed on the individual making the request and can not be performed on another individual. Individuals who are looking to get a RAP sheet on someone other than themselves should use a private background check service.

Criminal Rap Sheet for Free

Obtaining a criminal RAP sheet for free can be difficult as the database that the information is held in usually requires a fee to obtain copies of the information. One of the most reliable options besides the search bar at the top is to find an online background check service that offers a free trial.

How To Check My Criminal Record

Individuals wondering how to check my criminal record have several options available. The most reliable and thorough option to check your own criminal record is to request an Identity History Summary check through the FBI. This is a fingerprint-based check and will likely be the most complete check available but does carry a fee.

Screenshot of FBI document with yellow arrow pointing to the requirements for an identity history summary request

The FBI’s identity history summary request forms also come with a checklist to ensure that all the information is provided correctly, which prevents wasted time or inconclusive results.

State and local police background check options are also available, but individuals who have been charged with a crime in another county or state should ensure that more than just local criminal history information will be available should they go with one of these options.

Individuals who have only been charged with crimes from a specific court can request their records from the court directly. This will be the most cost-efficient option to obtain official criminal history information. Individuals will have several options to obtain information directly from the courts.

Most criminal courts have an online court docket system that can be used to search and request court documents that match a specific name. Although online court searches are becoming more common, not every court will have digitized records that can be searched. If this is the case, individuals should contact their county court clerk directly to find out the best way to make a records request.

In many cases, the court clerk will be able to make the request over the phone, provided they have the proper information available. Other times it may be best to make a record request in person. Regardless of the method, there will likely be a small fee associated with each copy requested.


Many individuals will be familiar with an FBI RAP sheet but may not know the difference between this and a standard background check. An FBI RAP sheet is a document containing individual criminal history information that is given to the individual after an Identity History summary check has been completed.

Unlike a private background check service, the FBI does not need to abide by state background check laws and therefore will include information that would otherwise be sealed under state law. This is an especially important difference for individuals who live in states with the 7-year-rule or other laws that seal certain criminal history information or criminal history information that is older than 7-10 years old.

An FBI RAP sheet is obtained using the individual’s fingerprints, rather than the name-based search that is used by private background check companies. This results in a far more thorough check but consequently has a slightly higher cost, takes longer to complete, and requires the individuals to submit a fingerprint card.

How Do I Get a Copy of My FBI Background Check?

Many individuals wanting an official RAP sheet will be wondering: How do I get a copy of my FBI background check? The process to do so is extremely simple and the FBI has detailed steps outlined on its website.1

Basically, individuals will need to fill out a form that can be completed online, then individuals will need to get fingerprinted, and finally provide payment and mailing information. Once submitted the request should be completed in less than two weeks.

How To Read FBI RAP Sheet

Even individuals that understand the criminal charge that goes on a sheet, once receiving their RAP sheet from the FBI, many individuals will not know how to read the FBI RAP sheet. Understanding the different components of the sheet can be difficult and is covered in great detail on the website of the U.S. justice department.2

Screenshot of US Department of Justice document with yellow arrow pointing to BSI and arrest information in a identity history summary sample

The criminal history report generated by the IHS will list crimes, fingerprint information, and the dates of the offense, as well as other identifying characteristics.

The RAP sheet will be broken down by jurisdiction with federal crimes covered first followed by crimes charges at the state level. The report will contain information on any charges, court dates, and final dispositions as well as basic descriptive information on the individual.

RAP Sheet Abbreviations

The various terms that are used on a RAP sheet are another common source of confusion. Some of the most common RAP sheet abbreviations are discussed below.

CPCSCriminal Possession of a Controlled Substance
DCIDriving Car Intoxicated
A&BAssault and Battery
ATT RAAttempted Robbery Armed
DISCH FIREARMSDischarging firearms

How Do I Know if I Have Been Charged With a Crime?

Individuals with the question: How do I know if I’ve been implicated in a crime? will have a few options available. Although individuals should be notified by mail or in person in regard to any criminal charges being filed, it is also possible to learn about criminal charges by performing a background check on yourself. This can quickly be done using the search bar at the top of this page or using any of the methods listed above.

How To Find Out if Criminal Charges Are Filed

The confusing legal process will leave many people wondering how can I ascertain if charges have been initiated against me. If charges have been officially filed there will be court documents relating to these charges. Individuals can access any of these documents through the court where it was filed or by performing a background check on themselves.

Use the list below to find out how to request a background check with the state police.

Free Public Criminal Record CheckState Police Background Check
Check for Charges in Alabama (AL)State Police Background Check Alabama (AL)
Check for Charges in Alaska (AK)State Police Background Check Alaska (AK)
Check for Charges in Arizona (AZ)State Police Background Check Arizona (AZ)
Check for Charges in Arkansas (AR)State Police Background Check Arkansas (AR)
Check for Charges in California (CA)State Police Background Check California (CA)3
Check for Charges in Colorado (CO)State Police Background Check Colorado (CO)
Check for Charges in Connecticut (CT)State Police Background Check Connecticut (CT)
Check for Charges in Delaware (DE)State Police Background Check Delaware (DE)
Check for Charges in Florida (FL)State Police Background Check Florida (FL)
Check for Charges in Georgia (GA)State Police Background Check Georgia (GA)
Check for Charges in Hawaii (HI)State Police Background Check Hawaii (HI)
Check for Charges in Idaho (ID)State Police Background Check Idaho (ID)
Check for Charges in Illinois (IL)State Police Background Check Illinois (IL)
Check for Charges in Indiana (IN)State Police Background Check Indiana (IN)
Check for Charges in Iowa (IA)State Police Background Check Iowa (IA)
Check for Charges in Kansas (KS)State Police Background Check Kansas (KS)
Check for Charges in Kentucky (KY)State Police Background Check Kentucky (KY)
Check for Charges in Louisiana (LA)State Police Background Check Louisiana (LA)
Check for Charges in Maine (ME)State Police Background Check Maine (ME)
Check for Charges in Massachusetts (MA)State Police Background Check Massachusetts (MA)4
Check for Charges in Maryland (MD)State Police Background Check Maryland (MD)
Check for Charges in Michigan (MI)State Police Background Check Michigan (MI)
Check for Charges in Minnesota (MN)State Police Background Check Minnesota (MN)
Check for Charges in Mississippi (MS)State Police Background Check Mississippi (MS)
Check for Charges in Missouri (MO)State Police Background Check Missouri (MO)
Check for Charges in Montana (MT)State Police Background Check Montana (MT)
Check for Charges in Nebraska (NE)State Police Background Check Nebraska (NE)
Check for Charges in Nevada (NV)State Police Background Check Nevada (NV)
Check for Charges in New Hampshire (NH)State Police Background Check New Hampshire (NH)
Check for Charges in New Jersey (NJ)State Police Background Check New Jersey (NJ)
Check for Charges in New Mexico (NM)State Police Background Check New Mexico (NM)5
Check for Charges in New York (NY)State Police Background Check New York (NY)
Check for Charges in North Carolina (NC)State Police Background Check North Carolina (NC)
Check for Charges in North Dakota (ND)State Police Background Check North Dakota (ND)
Check for Charges in Ohio (OH)State Police Background Check Ohio (OH)
Check for Charges in Oklahoma (OK)State Police Background Check Oklahoma (OK)
Check for Charges in Oregon (OR)State Police Background Check Oregon (OR)
Check for Charges in Pennsylvania (PA)State Police Background Check Pennsylvania (PA)
Check for Charges in Rhode Island (RI)State Police Background Check Rhode Island (RI)
Check for Charges in South Carolina (SC)State Police Background Check South Carolina (SC)6
Check for Charges in South Dakota (SD)State Police Background Check South Dakota (SD)
Check for Charges in Tennessee (TN)State Police Background Check Tennessee (TN)
Check for Charges in Texas (TX)State Police Background Check Texas (TX)
Check for Charges in Utah (UT)State Police Background Check Utah (UT)
Check for Charges in Vermont (VT)State Police Background Check Vermont (VT)
Check for Charges in Virginia (VA)State Police Background Check Virginia (VA)
Check for Charges in Washington (WA)State Police Background Check Washington (WA)
Check for Charges in West Virginia (WV)State Police Background Check West Virginia (WV)
Check for Charges in Wisconsin (WI)State Police Background Check Wisconsin (WI)
Check for Charges in Wyoming (WY)State criminal history check Wyoming (WY)

Can You Be Charged With a Crime Without Knowing?

Although individuals are generally notified when charges are filed, some people may be unsure if there are charges against them and may have questions like “Can charges be brought against someone without their knowledge?”. Although rare, it is possible to have charges filed without knowing.

Generally, this method will be used if the accused is potentially dangerous or a flight risk. In this case, law enforcement will issue a warrant for the individual arrest and they will be notified of the charges upon arrest.

What Happens When Someone Presses Charges Against You?

Not knowing what happens when someone accuses you formally of wrongdoing is a source of confusion for many individuals. Generally when a prosecutor files charges, one of two things will happen. If the crime is serious a warrant will be issued for the individual arrest and they can either turn themselves in to law enforcement or law enforcement will try to find the individual and arrest them.

For less serious crimes the individual will receive a criminal summons either in the mail or in person.

If Charges Are Dismissed Do You Have a Criminal Record?

Many people’s biggest concern when facing low-level criminal charges is how it will affect their background check and will want to know will dismissed charges be on their criminal record. Technically a criminal record only refers to crimes that resulted in a conviction. So dismissed charges mean the individual’s criminal record will remain clean.

How To Get Charges Dropped Before Court Date

One of the worst things a person can go through is being charged. Determining how to seek dismissal of charges before trial is important and necessary.

Screenshot of Orgeon Open Records website page about creating an account with yellow arrows pointing to instructions on how to create an account.

In Oregon, the open records platform allows residents to obtain their RAP sheet for state crimes.

Getting charges dropped is often the best possible outcome and many people will be wondering how to get charges dropped before the court date. Getting charges dropped can be difficult and in most cases will require an attorney to argue before a judge that the charges should be dropped. Whether or not this request is granted will depend on the reason that the case should be dropped such as lack of evidence or procedural issues with the arrest.

Can Charges Be Dropped at an Arraignment Hearing?

It’s a common misconception that charges can only be dropped early on in criminal proceedings, leading many people to ask: Is it possible to dismiss charges during arraignment? Charges can be dropped at any time during the criminal proceedings including before, during, and after the arraignment hearing.

Do Pending Charges Show Up on a Background Check?

Sometimes individuals will be facing charges while looking for a job and will have questions such as: Can pending charges be seen in background checks? Pending charges dropped charges, and charges that resulted in convictions will be present on most background checks, including those for employment.

How Long Do the Police Have To Charge You With a Crime?

While awaiting charges, many people will start to wonder: How much time do the police have to accuse you formally? How long law enforcement has to file charges will depend on the statute of limitations for the crime that was committed. This will depend on state law but generally, the more serious the crime, the longer the statute of limitations.

Many people who are about to undergo a background check may be unfamiliar with what kind of information will be present. Knowing the different types of criminal charge that goes on a sheet will allow individuals to know what to expect when they receive the results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Charge That Goes on a Sheet

How Can I Get a Copy of My Criminal Record Online?

Individuals can get a copy of their criminal record online using the FBI’s identity History summary check or any online background check service.

What Does Sealed FC Mean in Court?

A sealed FC in court will normally refer to a sealed felony conviction.

What Are the Criminal Charges Abbreviations SBI?

The criminal charge abbreviations used by the SBI will vary based on the state. Each state should have a guide for what each abbreviation means.

How Do I Access My FBI Fingerprint Results?

After submitting an FBI identity history summary check, individuals will receive the results of the check within two weeks in most cases.

Where Can I Learn How To Look Up Charges on Someone?

It’s good to interact with other people. As a result, learning about the methods for obtaining someone’s criminal background can be quite helpful in deciding whether it’s worthwhile to have that connection. Individuals can look up charges on another individual by performing a background check using a private background check company.

Can Charges Be Dropped After Indictment?

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you probably have a number of questions, one of which is “Can indictment lead to charge dismissal?” Charges can be dropped at any time during criminal proceedings.

What Is a Criminal Charge That Goes on a Sheet?

A criminal charge that goes on a sheet is any crime that resulted in criminal charges being officially filed. Even if the charges never resulted in a conviction or if the charges were later dropped, this information will still be present on a RAP sheet.


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