How Long Does Doordash Background Check Take? 7 Reasons for Delays

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Background Checks | June 8, 2023

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Many individuals who have applied to work for Doordash may be itching to start making deliveries and wonder, how long does Doordash background check take?

Although the check shouldn’t take too long, there are 7 reasons for delays that could cause the background check to take a few extra days.

Most of these issues will have to do with the individual’s background check so individuals should use the free public records search at the top of this page to identify any potential issues that can lead to the background check being delayed.

7 Reasons a Doordash Background Check Pending (Doordash Background Check Still In Progress)

The Doordash background check is a fairly standard background check and will be familiar to anyone who has ever undergone a pre-employment background check. Doordash background checks involve a criminal history check that checks both state and national databases to uncover criminal history information from the entire country.

Besides other basic checks such as identity verification, Doordash performs one unique check that most pre-employment background checks do not include:  A driving record check. An MVR or driving record check is simply a check of the individual’s history including infractions and accidents. These records are held at the state level by the DMV.1

Screenshot of Missouri Department of Revenue website page for driver license with yellow arrow pointing to information on driver records request.

In Missouri, the Department of Revenue holds driver’s records, and users can examine their personal driving record there before applying for Doordash.

Although most jobs do not include a Motor Vehicle Record check (MVR) it is fairly standard practice for jobs that involve any amount of driving such as Amazon delivery drivers or Uber drivers.

Since all of these checks and application processes take place exclusively online, it can be hard for individuals to know what is going on with their application and many will be wondering: How long does Doordash background check take?

There are many reasons that a pre-employment background check can take longer than normal and Doordash is no different. Below are some of the more common reasons that a Doordash background check is pending for an unusually long amount of time.

#1. Incorrect Information

Filling out a background check form and other Doordash application documents incorrectly is one of the most common reasons for a background check pending for a long period of time. Generally, it takes the background check agency several days to even begin performing the check so if there is a name spelled wrong or an incorrect digit on the individual’s social security information, it will take 3 days for the issue to be noticed. After this happens the investigator will notify the applicant to fix the issue before the process starts over again.

#2. Backlog of Checks

Sometimes there will be a major influx of new dashers that can cause a backlog of background checks. This increase will lead to slight delays as each individual must be carefully screened.

#3. Multiple Addresses

Individuals who have moved multiple times in the last several years may find that their background check can take slightly longer. Since Doordash checks criminal history information at the local and state levels, the background check agency will need to check multiple sources for this information. The more addresses, the more checks, and the more time the whole process will take.

#4. Problems With MVR Check

Individuals with multiple addresses mean that the background check agency will need to check with multiple DMVs to obtain a comprehensive driving history for the applicant. The MVR is one of the most important aspects of the check so there will always be examined thoroughly for any potential liabilities.

#5. Internal Review

Once the background check agency has completed its check, the results will be sent to Doordash for internal review. If there is anything present on the criminal history check or the MVR check, Doordash will examine these issues before making the determination about the applicant.

#6. Holidays

Many background check agencies will not work on holidays. For example, submitting a background check around Christmas may result in several delays as the 3-10 day range refers to working days.

#7. System Issues

With all the databases and information being checked relying on online databases, any type of system crash will delay the entire process. These crashes can occur with Doordash, the background check agency, or even the court databases that are used to perform the checks.

Doordash Background Check Time: How Long Does Doordash Background Check Take?

How long does a background check take for Doordash? The Doordash background check will vary slightly as various databases are checked and certain information may need to go through additional processes. However, in most cases, individuals should receive a response about their background check in less than 10 days.

Unfortunately, not passing the background check is not always the only thing preventing someone from working for Doordash. In many cases, Doordash will limit the number of drivers in a certain area if there are too many dashers already registered there. In this case, the individuals will be put on a waiting list until there is an opening available. This may take several days or weeks.

How Long Does It Take for Doordash To Approve?

How long does Doordash background check take? Most Doordash background checks are passed in less than 10 days and sometimes as few as three days. However, there are certain things that can lengthen this process. Mainly, entering any information incorrectly will cause a significant delay in the process. For example, a simple typo could prevent the background check agency from properly verifying the individual’s identity. Without the correct name, they will not be able to perform the background check at all.

Doordash Background Check Status Codes

Doordash uses numerous different status codes in order to notify individuals of the status of their applications. However, some of these status codes can be somewhat confusing. Like, what does decisional mean on a background check?

Use the table below to learn more about the different status codes.

CompleteIn the first phase of the process – the background check company is checking locations to search for criminal history information.
PendingThe background check is in progress and nearing completion.
ClearThe individual has been approved
ConsiderThere are “red flags,” in the report leading to a delay.
DisputeThe background check report included incorrect information and disputed the results of the check.
SuspendedAdditional documents may be required, possibly as a result of the wrong or an out-of-date document being submitted.

Doordash Background Check Requirements (Doordash Background Check Criteria)

Doordash has two different kinds of background check requirements in order for individuals to be allowed to drive for the food delivery service. The first is the basic requirements to be considered as a driver and the second set of requirements has to do with the background check findings itself, specifically the driving and criminal history checks.

Screenshot of Kansas Department of Revenue website page for motor vehicle records showing the sign-up page for search and request of driver license records in Kansas.

Kansas also keeps motor vehicle driver’s records within the Department of Revenue, simply sign in to access your driving record that will show up on a background check.

The basic requirements are fairly standard and many of them will come as no surprise. The basic requirements are as follows:

  • Individuals must be at least 18 years old
  • Individuals must possess an active driver’s license.2
  • A smartphone is required as part of the job duties
  • Individuals must own a vehicle or bicycle to complete deliveries.
  • Valid insurance policy
  • Completion of online or in-person orientation.

The requirements dealing with the criminal history check are discussed further down.

Doordash Background Check In Progress (How Long Does Doordash Background Check Take?)

Many individuals ask, how long does Doordash background check take because they’re worried because of how long their background check has been in progress.They might even wonder, what does consider mean on a background check progress report.

However, as long as the status code remains the same there should be nothing to worry about. There are plenty of different things that can cause the background check to take longer than normal.

What Does Doordash Background Check Look For?

Like any background check, Doordash is looking for information that may indicate that the applicant is a legal liability. In the case of a delivery driver who deals with customers directly, this will mainly focus on criminal history information as well as their driving record.

Any serious criminal offense will be seen as a major red flag during a background check. Low-level misdemeanors are likely to be overlooked in most cases but violent misdemeanors and most felonies will be difficult to get past. This is especially true for sex crimes, crimes involving children, and violent crimes of any kind.

Screenshot of State of Arizona website page for Department of Transportation with yellow arrow pointing to MVR request guidelines.

Arizona keeps motor vehicle reports at the Department of Transportation.

When it comes to driving records, Doordash is looking for individuals with as clean a driving record as possible. Individuals with numerous DUIs or distracted driving infractions will be considered red flags. MVR report will also include information on any accidents the individual has been in, so individuals with a history of auto accidents are also likely to be disqualified.

Keep in mind that only individuals with a usually high amount of speeding tickets and other minor infractions will be disqualified. Doordash tends to look for relatively clean driving records and does not require the record to be spotless.

How Far Back Does Doordash Background Check Go?

Although the FCRA allows for background checks to go back indefinitely in most cases,3 state laws will sometimes have seven-year limits. Although there are only a handful of states that have these limits, Doordash will usually only examine an individual’s criminal history in the last 7 years, even though they could go back further.

Does the Doordash Background Check Consider DUI To Be a Disqualifier?

Doordash does not consider a DUI to be an automatic disqualifier. However, having a DUI on your record will certainly impact the chances of passing the background checks. If the check is otherwise spotless it will likely be overlooked but if there are other red flags found during the background check investigation or multiple DUIs, it will likely mean disqualification.

Doordash Background Check Disqualifications

Doordash does not have an official list of disqualifications. However, anecdotal information and industry standards will give individuals a good idea of what kind of information can be overlooked and what information will result in disqualification.

Doordash Background Check DUI

As mentioned above, a DUI will heavily impact an individual’s chances of passing a background check. Someone who has a history of driving under the influence is simply too big of a liability in most cases.

Does Doordash Hire Felons?

It is possible for individuals with felony convictions on their record to be hired by Doordash. Generally, it will depend on the type of felony that appears on the record. The more serious a felony, the lower the chances of it being overlooked. For example, violent felonies are almost never overlooked whereas certain theft convictions may be overlooked in some cases.

Does Doordash Do a Credit Check?

Many individuals who are wondering how long Doordash background checks take, will be wondering if their credit history is what is causing the delay.

Although they are becoming somewhat common as part of background checks for corporate jobs, Doordash does not perform credit checks as part of the background check screening process. This is a check that is performed to ensure that individuals in poor financial standing or with excessive debt do not have access to important financial information for a company, so this check is reserved mostly for finance-related positions.

Can You Pass a Doordash Background Check Misdemeanor?

Individuals with a misdemeanor on their record should have little problem getting hired by Doordash. Although Doordash performs criminal history checks, they are mostly looking at information relating to felony convictions. Although it is possible to be disqualified due to a misdemeanor, it is far less common.

Screenshot of Circuit Court of Cook County website page for traffic violations with yellow arrow pointing to list of misdemeanor traffic offenses.

Find driving infractions and court case records using the local county court of clerk, which lists the misdemeanors that are common.

Usually, if an individual fails a background check as a result of a misdemeanor it will have to do with the type of misdemeanor or the quantity of them. Violent misdemeanors and DUIs are some of the most likely crimes to cause problems on a Doordash background check, however most low-level misdemeanors will not cause any significant problems.

Doordash Stuck on Background Check

Doordash can be stuck on a background check for many different reasons. One of the most common is that the information that was submitted by the applicant was incorrect in some way. Misspelling a name or entering an address in wrong is a seemingly harmless mistake but can cause significant delays.

As with any time individuals are filling in an application or background check information, take extra care to double-check all the information that was submitted to avoid silly delays.

Doordash Background Check Action Required

There are a number of different reasons for a “check action required” status on a Doordash application. Usually, when this happens it will be related to an issue with the background check.

If there is a “Check action required” status on your application, individuals should check for an email from the background check company. The email will explain what the issue is and what steps need to be taken to absolve it.

In many cases, it will be a problem with the documents submitted so be sure to keep everything on hand until the check has been completed.

Doordash Background Check Complete, Now What?

After a Doordash background check has been completed and passed, Doordash will usually contact the individual via email with the next steps in the process. At this point, the application phase is completed and Doordash will likely send individuals the activation kit so that they can begin working as soon as possible.

Screenshot of Hawaii State Judiciary website page for traffic infractions with yellow arrow pointing to types of traffic offenses.

Types of traffic offenses and their penalties vary by state, so always check to see if an infraction has gone on your record.

In other cases, Doordash may complete the background check and place the individual on a waiting list because there are too many dashers in that particular area. Although this can be frustrating, Doordash has drivers quitting all the time so it is unlikely an individual will be on the waiting list for very long.

Applying for jobs can be a stressful time, especially if there are long waiting periods where applicants are left in the dark about the status of their application or background check. Knowing the answer to questions like, how long does Doordash background check take, will allow individuals to know what to expect and ensure that there are no issues slowing down the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Long Does Doordash Background Check Take

Why Is My Doordash Background Check Taking Forever?

A Doordash background check can experience delays due to problems with the background check investigation itself, technical issues, or a problem with the documents that were submitted. Individuals should keep an eye on their email to quickly resolve any potential issues and speed up the process.

Doordash Background Check Says Consider?

The status code of a background check will say “consider,” when something in the background check report does not meet Doordashes requirements. This could be something in the criminal history or driving record check.

How Long Does the Background Check Take for Uber Eats?

A typical Uber Eats background check should take around 3-5 business days to complete. However, if certain issues arise the check could take longer.

How Long Does Grubhub Background Check Take?

A typical Grubhub background check will usually be completed in 3-5 business days. Issues such as typos or other incorrect information can lead to delays in this timeline.

What Is a Doordash Application Status?

Individuals can use the status of their Doordash application to determine what stage in the process their application is at as well as track any potential issues with the application. The application status will change based on where the application is in the background check as well as alert individuals of any action that needs to be taken.

What Is the Doordash Felony Policy?

Doordash does not consider a felony conviction to be an automatic disqualifier. Although difficult it is possible to be hired by Doordash with certain felony convictions.

How Long Does Doordash Background Check Take?

Doordash Background check takes less than 10 days to complete.


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