Starbucks Background Check: Do This Before You Apply (How To Pass)

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Background Checks | May 28, 2024

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Free Starbucks Background Pre-Check
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Anyone applying for a job at Starbucks will have to undergo a Starbucks background check. This check helps the company review a potential employee’s criminal record and ensure that they are not a threat to the safety and enjoyment of customers and other employees.

Therefore, learning how to pass the background check is crucial.

Fortunately, it’s easy if you know how to do a background check on yourself first, which provides all the information about what appears on a background check that might disqualify you.

Starbucks is an attractive employer because it provides exceptional employee benefits, even for part-time workers.1 The company has more than 190,000 workers in the US who have passed through a strict screening process and is one of the few companies that will consider hiring someone with a criminal record.

This guide helps potential employees learn how to pass the background screening, what it covers and what they need to do before they apply.

Do This First: Run a Background Check on Yourself

The first step is to know how to perform a background check on yourself. A background check significantly impacts someone’s career because it catalogs their driving records, criminal records, and credit history as well as previous employment and sometimes social media profiles. This information will help potential employees verify that their record is correct and watch out for any disqualifying offenses.

Potential employees can run a few different background checks on themselves. The most recommended for a potential Starbucks employee is a level 2 background check, often carried out by employers nationwide. This type of background check will include how to conduct a criminal background check on yourself because that is what potential employers use to verify eligibility.

To do this, there are two options.

  1. Contact each individual agency that houses public records (such as the state police and local county clerks) and submit written request forms for public records, including criminal history, court information, previous addresses, and all other public records available.
  2. Navigate to an online background check agency that offers a 7 day free trial membership option and request the background check report.

Either way will deliver the results, although the time and effort to get the information from government agencies can be much more consuming.

How Do Potential Hires Find Their Records?

Starbucks employs professional services to conduct background checks on their hires.2 These services are also available to anyone willing to pay.

Alternatively, potential hires can look up their criminal records in law enforcement agencies. The records that these agents provide will have both arrest records and convictions. The requesters can obtain record copies from:

  • Departments of Public Safety and Correctional Service
  • Bureau of Investigations
  • FBI
  • Public Safety Office
  • State Police
  • Local Police Departments

When conducting a background check review, requesters should use the correct information to obtain accurate results. This is especially true for those with common names, as even a slight mistake will bring back someone else’s records.

What To Do If You Have a Spotty Record?

More than 100 million Americans have something on their records. This is not a reason to despair when looking for a job.

There are several steps that potential hires can take to increase their chances of landing a job at Starbucks. They include:

1. Get the Records Sealed or Expunged

Many Americans have criminal records; therefore, applicants should not get discouraged if they have a spotty record. Some courts in the US allow expungement of minor felonies and misdemeanors, though this varies according to state.3 Learning how to remove a criminal record from a background check is very taxing but not impossible.

The states that don’t allow expungement will permit sealing records, making them unavailable to the public. When a professional service conducts a Starbucks background check, the sealed or expunged record will not show up. It’s important to note that a few convictions could come up on other records; for example, a DUI will appear on a driving record.

2. Research the Store Manager

The potential hire should learn more about the interviewer when applying at a specific chain location. The applicant can ask any friendly person working at the site whether the manager considers a potential hire’s criminal history. Knowing more about the manager will help the potential applicant gauge the probability of getting the job.

3. Apply Anyway

Anyone looking for a job at Starbucks should apply in spite of anything that shows up on their records. First, the application is free. Second, Starbucks is one of the few companies that hire felons. When applying, the potential employee should be as professional as possible and be forthcoming and honest during the interview to increase their chances of getting hired.

4. Consider Other Employment Options

Though Starbucks is one of the few companies that hire felons, it’s not the only company. Reviews indicate that other businesses, like Walmart, is very friendly to ex-felons. Other companies such as Amazon and McDonald’s also give second chances. Ex-convicts can also work with reentry programs that help them find available job opportunities.

Starbucks Hiring Process: Background Check to Employed

Starbucks follows a very straightforward application process. A potential hire can find an advertised vacancy on the Starbucks website in relevant stores or through recruitment agents approved by the company.

The applicant will find all the basic information about the responsibilities, title, role, and any practical or academic requirement in the advert. In most cases, the advert will provide the salary band in which the job falls. The applicant will either submit a cover letter and resume or fill out an online application form.

The application form is relatively standard for basic positions, asking for personal details, work experience, and education. The applicant may need to provide information on why they want the role.

Some positions have more complex and stringent application processes. For example, a senior managerial role will require specific experience, skills, and educational qualifications.

Those whose applications are of interest will be called in for an interview. If the position is for a Starbucks branch, then the interview will be carried out in that branch by either the store manager or a deputy. If it’s an office role, then the interview will be carried out in the office.

Felon Friendly Business Background Checks:

Starbucks usually carries out one interview. If the applicant impresses the interviewer, they will get a conditional job offer. The condition requires the applicant to pass a Starbucks background check. After passing this check, the applicant will get an invitation to an orientation in the company and start training for their role.

What’s in a Starbucks Background Check?

Starbucks is an equal opportunity employer; that is, it encourages everyone to apply for any role, including ex-convicts.4 Starbucks ‘bans the box’ across all its chains nationwide. As such, all its application forms do not contain any questions about criminal history.

The company is keen to ensure that the applicant’s criminal history does not reduce their chances of securing a job. Starbucks managers must consider applicants on merit and not former indiscretions to their credit.

What Happens After a Starbucks Background Check?

It’s important to note that though Starbucks is open to hiring felons, the company still considers someone’s criminal history during the hiring process. The company examines each felony/felon on an individual basis. Therefore, they hire depending on the type of crime and when the crime occurred.

The company does not have a standard corporate policy for hiring felons to which managers can refer. It’s up to the hiring manager to determine which crimes are deal breakers and which aren’t. As a result, the impact of criminal history during hiring depends on State laws and is under the mercy of the store manager.

One crucial law that governs the hiring process is the Fair Credit Reporting Act9 (FCRA). This federal regulation overseas how to obtain a criminal background check for employment purposes. It means that only certain records can be viewed (like criminal records, but not health records), and that the length of time that is examined is set, based on state law.

The type of felony determines the chances of getting the job. For example, if an applicant has a conviction for a violent offense or felony theft, then there are high chances that their application will be rejected. A theft offense indicates a lack of integrity and honesty. A violent offense suggests that the person is a danger to the safety and enjoyment of others.

Anyone who passes the background check will receive a call stating they are hired. Those who fail the assessment will be informed as well.

Starbucks Background Check: Email Contact

An applicant will get the email link for the background check right after the interview. The manager who has made the conditional offer will send an email link for the background check a few days or even hours after the interview.

A Starbucks background check usually takes a few days to a week to clear. The applicant will receive an email on whether they qualify or not. Sometimes the applicant will receive an email to verify their identity or confirm the information provided. The manager will confirm the position immediately after the background check comes through.

Why Does a Starbucks Background Check Seem To Be Taking Forever?

It is well to note that the manager is at the mercy of the background check agency; thus, the check may take up to 2 weeks. Some applicants wait almost a month before the manager finally offers them the job. The scope of the search will determine the duration of the background check.

Applicants are welcome to contact the hiring manager if they do not receive any information within two weeks.

Starbucks Background Check: Ready To View

Starbucks will ask for consent, name, and social security number to conduct a background screening. Once the report is ready to view, the manager will look for convictions and verify if the applicant can be hired despite these convictions.

After a Starbucks background check, the hiring manager will review the information to ensure it aligns with the data in the application form. Next, the manager will look into the potential employee’s criminal history to note any disqualifying offenses.

If there are no disqualifying offenses, the manager will contact the applicant to tell them they are hired. If not, the applicant will still know that the company is not moving forward with their application.

Will Starbucks Tell Me If I Got the Job Before Doing a Background Check?

Before Starbucks conducts a background check on a potential employee, the manager must give a conditional employment offer and request consent. Without this consent, the company will not conduct a background check on the potential employee. Additionally, the offer is dependent on the background check. Thus potential applicants are advised to give consent.

A background check is run only on applicants who have received a job offer.5 Consequently, the applicant will not be competing with someone with a clean record. The manager will review the criminal report and hire the applicant based on their judgment.

Therefore, Starbucks will not tell an applicant they got the job before doing a background check. However, Starbucks will give a job offer contingent on the background check.

Why Is My Starbucks Background Check Not Going Through?

Sometimes, applicants may wonder why their background check is taking so long to come back. There are several reasons for this. The most common causes include:

Incomplete and/or Inaccurate Data: The manager or potential hire can make mistakes or provide partial or inaccurate information when conducting the background check. These errors include a wrong social security number or a misspelled name. Incorrect information delays the entire screening process.6

Different State And Federal Regulations: Each state has its own laws on background checks, and Starbucks branches adhere to these laws. Some candidates may be connected to multiple jurisdictions, i.e., working in one state and living in another. Sometimes it may be challenging to navigate the regulatory problems and lead to compliance violations.

Outside Party Delays: The professional screening agencies that Starbucks managers use may be subjected to delays. These agencies need to obtain information from third parties such as government agencies which may experience issues stalling the process. A few states and counties do not provide straightforward court record access; therefore, the agencies will have to undergo a tiresome process.

The hiring manager will provide an email link immediately after the background check. The company will also let the applicant know if they have not decided to move forward with their application.

Background Check: Starbucks Background Check Policy (Does Starbucks Hire Felons?)

Starbucks is one of the many companies willing to give second chances to applicants with criminal histories. Each Starbucks branch has its own hiring policy; sometimes, the process will depend on the person running the branch. Moreover, each state has its own hiring requirement regulations. As a result, the global chain finds it difficult to develop a 0ne-size-fits-all policy.7

These branch policies are used more as guidelines rather than the rules. In some cases, the manager may decide to hire someone without regard for what shows up after a background check. In other cases, the manager may be too strict during the hire. The manager gets to detect the disqualifying offenses such as theft or violent crimes.

Some misdemeanors and felonies, such as theft and violent crimes, automatically disqualify most applicants. Some managers will also not consider someone on the national sex offender registry.

What Does Starbucks Background Check Look For?

During hiring, Starbucks will consider all applicants regardless of their background.8 This information is found in all the job descriptions. Even so, Starbucks needs to keep its customers and employees safe and protect its reputation. A background check will include an applicant’s education, employment history, and criminal information.

For criminal investigation, Starbucks only examines felonies and misdemeanors. Note that the company does not investigate a person’s credit report, so anyone with bad credit can still apply for a position in the company.

The company will ask the applicant to reveal their employment and education history. The applicants will be disqualified if the information does not match what comes up during the background check.

How Long Does a Starbucks Background Check Take?

In most cases, Starbucks background checks take less than a week to clear. In some cases, the check will last two weeks. The applicant should check in with the hiring manager if it takes more than two weeks. The interested party should wait for two weeks before making the call.

Starbucks is a great employer for those who want a flexible job with great benefits. The company is also an equal opportunity employer and friendly to people with criminal histories. Applicants are advised to conduct background checks on themselves before they undergo a Starbucks background check.

Frequently Asked Questions About a Starbucks Background Check

Why Does Starbucks Require a Background Check for Employment?

A Starbucks background check will examine:

  • Employment history
  • Education Credentials
  • Criminal History

Why Is My Starbucks Background Check Not Clearing?

There could be several reasons why your background check is not going through. The most common ones include inaccurate data, hard-to-access court records, and state and federal regulations.

Is Starbucks Background Friendly to Felons?

Yes. Starbucks is indeed background friendly. Felons are invited to apply, and hiring managers will review the applications on a case-by-case basis.

What Disqualifies You From Working at a Starbucks?

The main disqualifiers are felonies and misdemeanors that threaten the safety and enjoyment of others, such as theft and violent crimes.

How Long Does Employment Background Checks Take for Starbucks?

A Starbucks background check generally takes five days to one week. Sometimes, the check may take as long as two weeks due to unavoidable circumstances.

Will Starbucks Hire You If You Have a Misdemeanor?

Yes. Starbucks managers overlook most misdemeanors as long as they do not threaten the safety of the company, customers, and employees.


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